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  1. Hey, Nat! Thanks for the advice. Can you tell me where I can find what you've published?
  2. I am writing a book right now, and I started it about ten years ago. We're not together, and the book will be considered fiction so as not to out us cause we've never been out. Hopefully I'll be done in about a year, and it'll be all over the world. :smiley:
  3. Does anyone else really find your own meaning in the songs you listen to? I'll start. "Serial Killer" by Lana Del Rey. "Red" by Taylor Swift "Accidental Babies" by Damien Rice If you know these songs, can you relate? If not, what songs do you relate to?
  4. How long will you be out of the country? I think you should talk to her about it whether you just let her know of your feelings or if you ask her if she has feelings for you? And if you do let her know how you feel about her, let her also know if you are at ease about it and why or why not. She may be dealing with the same struggle and is waiting to talk about it.
  5. Oh, I am crying for you right now. I'm sure he does send you signs, and he probably thought of you in his last moments. I'm sure he's watching you from whatever dimension he may be in. I don't know what kind of music you like, but you should check out the lyrics to Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey. It's about being in love with someone who has passed away. I will always remember your story.
  6. Oh, my goodness, I am so sorry for your loss. I just read your thread. I started at the top and, along the way, got excited to share my story and insight with you. Then I came to your update from today, and I just want to let you know that even though I have no idea who you are on this earth, I'm touched by your story, and you're in my thoughts.
  7. Oh, my goodness, how sweet! I seriously teared up when you said that y'all kissed in public for the first time. I can imagine how special it was. You guys are so, so lucky! I love hearing how some of these stories have happy endings.
  8. Aww, that's a nice. I felt relief when I found this website, too. It's nice to know we aren't the only ones, and it seems that a lot of cousin couples describe their relationship in the same way- that you can't fight it.
  9. New here, and I wish I had seen this site ten years ago. It could have been very helpful. My cousin and I have had an on/off relationship for the last 13ish years. Scandalous, secretive, passionate, angry. From the beginning, we knew this was something huge, and we're like magnets, it's electric. But, about ten years ago, he decided he couldn't do the whole "run away together" thing, and I moved on. Even knowing that we had no future, we couldn't stay away from each other. He's had his own family for quite some time, and I am starting my own family now with a wonderful man that is absolutely one of my soul mates (cause I believe in multiple soul mates). But so is my cousin, and we've always known that. My husband does know about my past relationship with my cousin, and he's not crazy about it, but he understands and he doesn't ever hold it against me. It's just like any other ex. And, no, my cousin and I are not in a relationship anymore, though we do talk from time to time. He respects my marriage and also accepts that many of the obstacles we faced were caused by him. The reason I joined this website is because I'm really happy that it exists for the people who can benefit from it now, and I think I may be able to give people some good advice. I'm also interested in this site for light research purposes. Not really research, it's more curiosity to see how others are handling the same situations that we were in years ago. I may delve into our situation a little more at a later date, but right now I'm more interested in seeing others' experiences with this issue, from the point of view of both sexes, and to help when I think I can. I'm excited to be here and excited to maybe share some wisdom!
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