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  1. hushera

    Does my cousin have sexual feelings for me?

    From what you described I think yes, she wants you too.
  2. Just tell me, as a girl what can you say about behavior of my cousin? Does it look even close to positive? Does it show from her side something that I should still hope for? I would like to have some opinions on that, cause sometimes I feel I can get crazy thinking about it only myself and not telling this out loud to somebody.
  3. hushera

    So frustrated

    About your situation - this is really weird what you described. It depends how old is he i think about the "he could not get hard". Maybe he has some problems with it and he is really ashamed of it. Did you meet again after that? I would advice you to talk to him straight - and ask what is happening and if he doesn't explain things - he can forget about you forever. You need to be strong and actually do what you say - if he wouldn't explain it well, or it'll look he is hiding something, then really forget about him. I know that is hard, but if he is not ready to be with you then why do you need it? You need to be strong and meet him face to face, better in public so you cannot go physical, you need to sort it out on that meeting. I would even record the conversation just to later rethink things, and better understand. I always find that it's good to have such important conversations recorded so you can have a voice and emotions, cause when I discuss things with my cousin that are sensitive, my heart beats so strong and I always put my eyes away of her, and I am not rational because of the whole "bouquet of feelings" inside me so I can say stupid things, or understand her not what she say but what I feel on what she says, and it's different. You know for me now, I am really ready to run away with my cousin and hide in some country and live together, I doubt it will be possible and it's just a dream, but I don't know what could stop me wanting her after I had a mutual love with her, if she would somehow show me that it is - YES, I am ready for everything. It's music to my ears I don't know if it's good or bad, but you gave me hope. You are a girl that saw him like a brother, freaked out and later fall in love... It gives real hope for everybody here to better tell about your love and wait - time will show everything. Now I am in the process of trying to forget her, to associate her with someone else, to stop having her in my dreams and thoughts when I am not busy. I really hate her for not writing to me and asking how are things after what happened between us. I try to wipe her out, but now you gave me hope again, and gave me a reason to tell her about my feelings, and I don't know if it's good
  4. hushera

    So... She kissed me.

    I envy you She at least kissed you. I have posted a topic here, but it was too long to read I think, so nobody responded http://www.cousincouples.com/forum/index.php?topic=6952.0 If you don't want to read whole story, just search for : "So yesterday we watched a movie at my place with her and her boyfriend, we are all close," So how did she kiss you? Lips? I think I have exactly same thing happening with me, exact description is too: "Between those nights of uninhibited drinking though, it's hazy." Unfortunately I cannot help you, cause I need exactly the same answer that you are looking for. When you say: "confess undying love", you talk about love to each other??? My story is too long, cause I always need to know details, I would like to read more about your relations exactly, I'd like to compare something. You know girls are different creatures, unfortunately. They see things not like we do The popular friendzone thing shows that - they CAN have such close(cuddling) relations with guys without thinking of them like men, I cannot realize that, and why it is like that, but that's life. I am afraid that I am kind of cousinzoned forever The most funny thing from my story is that she kinda doesn't see that like something big, this cuddling, holding hands and etc, it's like normal to her or what, I don't get it. I talked with my female friends about the limits of closeness in friendship and almost all of them said that such behavior is not purely friendship, they wouldn't allow even best friend to cuddle with them, but people are different. I am afraid of asking her this, I don't know how will she react when i will ask "Why are you letting me to do all of this?" and I afraid she would say like : "WHAT????? SO WHAT??? ARE YOU CRAZY???" I think she doesn't feel it like sexual at all, girls somehow differentiate it and can have all of this without having sex or love on their mind.
  5. Part of me wants to try, to see that maybe she just doesn't understand this now and maybe something will change. I doubt she will accept my love ever, cause I know she loves me in a cousin way, maybe a bit more but I don't think so deeply she will want to do crazy things like marry or even tell our parents. She has normal life and she doesn't want to change it. Another part of me says "You are stupid, you missed your chance long time ago, when we started to have close relations and when she didn't have a boyfriend with her. You were too shy and afraid on thinking about her more than cousin and you missed a chance. You should close this topic in your mind and try to wipe her out of your heart", but it is so hard! I want to see her in my mind, I want to think about her, cause she is really the ONE I am ok living whole my life with. I cannot imagine same with other girls, the though of being together whole life horrifies me, but not with her. She can motivate me to do lots of things, to be better at something I always want to surprise her, and I am not tired of making her happy whenever I can, and now I need somehow to substitute her with something else that is unknown and cold. She is the one that was bringing me peace and meaning to everything, because of her I still can feel something, cause I feel the more I run from her, the more I loose my feelings, cause I have to suppress love and with this I suppress everything else, I don't want to become cold person without feelings living unemotional life. I am tired of this....