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  1. LOL. Love ur sense of humor. Yes please do keep me in pray and I'll be sure to look up the Bible verses online. Ur right there are apps for everything or I can just Google the info.
  2. I do believe in God. I have not read my Bible or attended church since the beginning of last year. I know being close to God is not about attending church. I began having medical problems and prayed, it got worse so I lost my most my faith in His. I do pray before meals and thank God here and there. Last year I gave my Bible to my teen daughter. I can use it to look at the scriptures you pointed out. I really appreciate you taking time to chat with me. And your right hearts have no brain they just lead by emotions. Yes I will us "freaking. LOL. I'm use to being around a sports group and got carried away.
  3. He was a modern day Scarface. Started out as a youth with petty crime. Lastly trafficking drugs. After he got out of trouble the first time we were got close and intimate. Then he got in trouble again. After that I never told him how much I loved him and really wanted him to just follow the fukn law. We would talk and laugh but I moved on and had kids. He got in trouble again, I moved out of state for 12 yrs. I moved back last yr and we reconnected. I'm 37 and he's 43. I know I can't change him. I don't have a criminal history and don't agree with the choices he make. I just happen to be in mad love with a career criminal who is my cousin. I'm also praying that he's had enough of going to the penitentiary.
  4. You have several very valid points and I'm not offended in any way. I'm direct and I like when some is the same way toward me. I'm truly torn because I know he's not the ideal person for me. But he actually treats me good. Do not get me wrong I sometimes think abt what if he continues to get in trouble. I do have a lot of big decisions to make. He wants to get married and I'm ok with that. I want to work on my masters degree and he agreed to support my goal. I will give this a lot of thought.
  5. Once you move to B's home town you can get a gage how she feels towards you. Let things take it's natural course. You will get a sign from her on if she had mutual feelings. Then you both would need to decide on it either of you will have a problem opening dating. Keeping in mind your family values.
  6. Me and my cousin have been in a relationship since last summer. We have talked abt telling our family. We have both told close friends. This is the BIG problem his past and present situation. He has been in trouble with the law but went years without getting in any trouble. Now he's back in trouble. Our family will flip the fxk out when they find out 1. We, two cousins are involved 2. I'm involved with a criminal Personally I think I can handle it but he is worried abt me. Any feedback ?
  7. I'm really glad things worked out. I know dealing with family can be very hard
  8. I agree with Serendipity, KC and Lady C. This seems to be more abt a dad that was a bad person. And as was pointed out all the characteristics mentioned had nothing to do with mom/dad being second cousins. "Any" man can commit the same two crimes as the posters dad. "And" any man can be a terrible father. I honestly think your bother by cousin relationships your pissed at ur terrible dad. So your blaming the cousin relationships. As other posters have pointed out "this site" is abt long lasting cousin relationships. There are listing of states that allow marriages. There are forums were members list how many "years" they've been with their cousin. It's ok to not like cousin relationships. A few posters have tried to educate you. You should find a site that can understand your anger heck you can even start one.
  9. Me and my bf (2nd cousin) are planning to come out slowly. I have told my mom and she was kinda in shock. It took her a by storm because he's a bad boy and he's my cousin. LOL. Before I told her, I said "mom I have something to tell you and I need you to remain in your seat". I'm close to a sister that lives out of state and I told her. She was very upset plus I told her we planned to get married. We are no longer on speaking terms. She said her or him. I do not do ultimatums. He and I had agreed to keep our marriage between us unless we relocate. We will be seen around town together and let our family conclude what they want. We are older 37/44. This was my I idea I do not feel we owe people an explanation. LOL. We are still decide on our kids 4 and 7. I have spoke to my 16yr old daughter and she was ok with it. Turns out she has a frd whose parents are first cousins.
  10. LMAO ** I had left the previous day's clothes on the floor next to the bed (oops) and I had some of my things on the nightstand. She has said nothing, but she had to notice that I had stayed in there.**
  11. I hope things work out for you. I understand what it's like to have a really strong love for a cousin.
  12. My experience was kind of similar to yours I was younger (37) and he was older (44). But we were intimate twice then he went away. I really missed talking to him and had regrets of not really telling him my deep feelings. By the time he returned I was a mom and not available. We became best friends talked on the phone a lot and I tried really hard to not seem weird. I did not like making eye contact and hugs were out the question. I remember a family member mentioning him buying a house with a lady. I was so hurt. Now he put off vibes. I ended up moving out of state and we lost contact b/c he got in a bit of trouble. When I returned for short visits there was no point in contacting him b/c we were both in a relationship. Last year I moved back to our home state. One of the first few things I did was find him. I started out slow to find out his status. He was single too. Then I took my time with him laughing abt old times and catching him up on my life. He actually started asking why I always acted weird when he was around. And why I would rush him to leave when he stopped by to visit me. I thought very hard and quickly. Then I told the truth, because I really, really loved him. He told me he loved me since the day we were intimate. We have been a couple since then I'm 37 and he's 44.
  13. Me and my second cousin were intimate twice (when I was younger) and would talk on the phone for hours then. He got in trouble a few years later (bad boy type) and was away. Once he returned I was in a relationship. We started talking on the phone again and I knew we both still liked each other. However I was a mother and was not single. He respected that and we never crossed that line. He got in trouble again (still a bad boy). LOL. By the time he returned I had moved out of state. I would come back for short visits but I knew he had moved on and was in a relationship too. Last year I returned to our home state to live and I found him. We began talking like we always did and both put our naked feelings out in the open.
  14. Wow I'm blown away by you ladies. I fell in love with a second cousin. I've loved him since I was 21. We were best friends but pulled apart twice because he's a bad boy. I moved out of state. I just returned last yr (12yrs later). We are both single and are now together. We have plans to get married.
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