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  1. yes we are muslim and cousin marriages are very common .I really love her alot and miss her alot.Cant stop thinking about her for second but she is not replying to my text and just few days before there is not a single day we dont talk to each other.I really want to give her respected life and want to get old with her.
  2. I love my cousin alot from my childhood.I am 22 years old.She is 7 months older than me.We were so familiar with each other . we talk daily and always open to each other.Some time we talk for the whole night till the morning .All the family members joke about our marriage .But last month something happen between us and our life changes .I told her that i love her she suddenly starts ignoring me .She was the one who text me daily but now she doesnt . Today i told her that if she doesnt want to talk to me then i will not message her again and she doesnt reply to this message .I really love her alot and i really want her in my life .What i do now i am really missing her now alot .I will wait for her decision and i also want to give her some space.Yes she is the person i cant stop myself thinking about.If she is with me or not in future i cant forget her.
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