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  1. I love him, his laugh, smile, kindness, and the way he speaks to me. I had fallen for my first cousin some time back, him and i where never really close during our childhood...in fact i dint know he existed till a few years back. When it finally came us getting to know each other we found we had so much in common. At the time i was with my ex husband...and i didn't know what exactly i was feeling deep inside me, it scared me to the point i stopped talking to him. I wanted to tell him how i felt but feared he would hate me our think i was a freak. A couple years later we started talking again..the feelings didn't disappear, in fact they grew stronger. I would message him once a day...and then more often, soon we where texting all the time. Every thing was going so fast and my emotions where going wild. I didn't care now..i wanted him to know my feelings some how. Him and i are both nerdy and love to rp, lets just say..i showed him how i felt threw that. It came to the point now that things had already gone to fast and there was no turning back. I confessed to him..and in return..he confessed to me. I know this is short..i don't know what else to say..all i know is i love him, with every thing i am, with all my heart and soul. I love my cousin.
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