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  1. ChuckD

    I found this video on Youtube

    Yea, I saw this video when I started researching my own relationship a few months back. Living in the southern U.S. joking about going to family reunions, funerals, dating/marrying your cousins, etc have been a standard my entire life. Now in my 50's to say I found myself in shock after that first kiss is a huge understatement.
  2. As for female artists, along with the Queen Etta James there are several I never seem to tire of hearing. Joni Mitchell, Carol King, Alison Krauss, and Joan Osborne are never far away. Music has been my escape for many years.
  3. I grew up listening to a wide variety of music. I love blues, blues rock, and a lot of classic country from the 50's through the 70's. I can listen to Savoy Brown, Etta James, The Guess Who, The Allman Brothers, Gov't Mule, Gary Moore, Merle Haggard, Don Williams, George Jones, Johnny Rivers and several other artist without tiring of them daily. There's more than a few that I once appreciated that now cause me mental distress. The first that comes to mind, anything that John Fogerty appears in makes my skin crawl!
  4. ChuckD

    I want to rant!!!

    You may want to wean yourself off the interweb for a bit? Just a thought... Bourbon may do the trick just as well though?
  5. ChuckD

    confused. strong feelings

    Thanks Ladies! My eyes simply can't make it through these long running post.
  6. ChuckD

    Have a little respect

    Respect is earned... If this site offends, then remove it from your bookmarks/favorites. Cheers? Too much may explain this thread?
  7. ChuckD

    one Year!

    Congratulation! My wish for you, "that you see him in that same light forever!"
  8. ChuckD

    late bloomer relationships

    Compared to the teens, yea I guess we're all "late?" I'm in my mid 50's. She, a first cousin is in her mid 40's. Due to the age difference and families scattering we've only recently really got to know each other. In the beginning the "cousins" thing was a shock to this ole fellers system. Truthfully, a relationship with a cousin wasn't something I ever expected. There's been lots of other major surprises in my life, so I didn't let it stop what seems so right. Now, the ten year age difference is on my mind far more often than the common kin! In fact it rarely comes up between us now unless we're just "messin" with people about it... Yes I realize I just told a woman's age!
  9. ChuckD

    New here-being pushed to make a choice

    My 30+ year old children reacted harshly when I opened up about my relationship. I quickly told them that I wasn't looking for their approval. When younger I may have reacted differently, but in my 50's I ain't looking for anyone's approval. My family has come to terms with things. Their world hasn't come to an end, and things are much better now. I was quite surprised at the younger family members being less accepting than my older relatives? It's been quite a ride...
  10. ChuckD

    Need Advice

    My advice is based purely on "gut" feeling. Cousin or not, to me what you've described doesn't seem healthy. For me there's simply too many alarms sounding in your story. I believe I'd forget about him and move on.
  11. Steely Dan "Cousin Dupree." Imagine that?
  12. ChuckD

    Long distance

    With my greatest respect, may I ask you to edit your post to include paragraphs and line spacing? As much as I want to read your post, it's difficult as my middle age eyes keep reading the same lines over and over again. Thank You, CD
  13. ChuckD

    How do I get over it?

    To the OP, if she's your best friend then I recommend treating her as you always have. Best friends may love one another, just not always in the same way. The reasons vary, so cousins or not it may have been the same? We know in any relationship these and similar situations occur everyday. My advice is to be patient and mindful that some things take time and some just don't happen. Continue to be the friend she deserves while looking at the opportunities your young life offers too. Sometimes we don't get over as much as we get around?
  14. ChuckD

    Cable vs satellite (or antenna)

    Direct for me. Although it may be available to me now, cable stopped just down the street before. I've been with DTV for about 15 years and though it is expensive, it works quite well. Living in a fringe area of my state makes standard over the air viewing a hit or miss challenge at best.