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  1. i asked him "i hope this dosent hurt are cousin/friend relationship" he replied "nope we're good" so glad
  2. when i asked i still wasnt sure that i would tell. i asked others more people were saying tell. i cluding my gut.
  3. despite what you said i told him. because i didnt know when i was going to hang out with him i told him via text (risky i know but i needed it off my chest) and telling him went well. told him i appolgize if it creeps him out. he took it well. though of coarse no romantic relationship will form but it actully DIDNT hurt the cousin/friend relationship we do have
  4. ok he's not in a relationsnip and i dont know if he has simular feelings about me. anyway im not going to throw the bandanna away.
  5. even if i was going to tell him i'd wait untill i turned 18 anyway i'm not going to throw the bandana away why would i
  6. i love to cook but i wouldn't do it as a perfection. i go to BOCES for culinary arts but i feel held back i know some "normal" dishes but i enjoy learning some of the weirder one to like dim sum chicken feet
  7. i think i have a crush on my distant cousin. (lets use his initales, AC) He's 33 then and me i'm 17. no one in my family knows this. l love him. Is it wired that at night i cuddle with the bandanna he gave me (i collect them) do you think i should tell him if i do how should I. i smile when i think of him. want to snuggle with him. by distant i mean why uncle ( dads brother) is his step dad so theres really no blood relationship
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