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  1. ColoradoMarried I think you misunderstood something. 1) He is a Hungarian guy, he wasn't raised in Sudan, he was just there for two years teaching history. 2) I didn't made any life decisions at the age of 15. I decided to tell him I love him at the age of 18, and everything between us happened since then. 3) I know it may sound like he is some kind of pedophile, but believe me he's not. He was very concerned about his feelings, and didn't wanted it to happen. But no one can control love, and he isn't an exception. The age gap between us is really big, and sometimes it do makes thi
  2. It all started in 2010. You are right it was 4 years ago, I became 19 this April I know it's not a normal thing for a 32-33 year old man (I'm not sure how old he was, his birthday is one day after mine) but he couldn't help himself. He never courted me, just since we are engaged. Living here in Switzerland is very nice although i don't speak the language yet...
  3. I don't even know if I have my place here, because the love of my life is not my cousin, but my mothers. This made the things a bit more difficult. Our story started 3 years ago, when I was 14 and he was 32. By this time he was living in Sudan (he is a Hungarian man, he was just living there for 2 years), he was a history teacher there. One day I was really bored at home, so I decided to write to him on Facebook. I didn't really know him, I just wanted to talk to someone. The funny part in the story is that I thought I was writing to his brother (they have very similar names). So we started
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