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  1. 'Take me home' - from the movie 'How I live now'.
  2. ilovemycousin

    How I live now 2013 Movie

    Nessa it is the best I have seen so far. You can watch it free streaming online but you can buy it for ?2 or ?3 online at Amazon etc. Get it on DVD it is bloody awesome. Thanks to (gotitGOOD) for this link to the free online stream of it, beware it may make you teary eyed. http://ffilms.org/how-i-live-now-2013/ It's beautiful.
  3. ilovemycousin

    word which relates to the previous word

    ( Concentrate) bugs wont harm you.
  4. ilovemycousin

    How i live now movie

    To begin with I bought the book 'Right from Wrong' then read it and gave it to my first cousin, she liked it too. Also I bought her the DVD 'The mists of Avalon'. She loved that also. Now I have ordered the DVD 'How I Live Now'. And OK I went for it and ordered the movie 'Jude' aswell from amazon. I am sure she will love both of these movies too. We will watch them in the next few days whilst lying in each others arms together, forever. I have seen love before but with her it is something else, a connection that goes beyond love and she feels the same. Soulmate I don't beleive would be the correct word it is just perfect between us. And the half of the family that are uncomfortable about it can either get used to it or get disowned. Just found a link for the entire movie 'Jude' on youtube, here it is if you don't want to buy it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7nOLjNsqRU
  5. ilovemycousin

    How i live now movie

    Wow that was a heart wrenching movie. Almost had me in tears several times. 10 out of 10 for that one, thanks again for the link to 'How I live now'. After watching that I had to buy the DVD on Amazon. And one more thing. I love the soundtrack in it also. I wonder if it is possible to buy that seperately.
  6. ilovemycousin

    How i live now movie

    Thanks so much for the links to the streaming movie online for free 'Gotitgood'. Well appreciated and its looking good so far. :smiley:
  7. ilovemycousin

    Cousin Love Quote

    Enlightening and uplifting. Thank you.
  8. ilovemycousin

    a bit different story :)

    Csibe04, Hi and good luck with the learning German part of it, it is very similar language to Swiss and you will be understood by everyone in Switzerland if you learn it, they are very similar languages, again good luck and I hope it all works out well for you. :wink:
  9. ilovemycousin

    a bit different story :)

    I also wish you both well but like the posts above I have a few concerns. I know we here in Europe consider 16 the age to legally have sex or smoke cigarettes, get married or pregnant etc and when we are 18 we can drink alcohol and are basically considered an adult whereas in the US the age is 21 years old so we all take those limits as guidelines from wherever we come from but you say you were 14 years old and he was 32, that is a bit worrying. I understand that things in Sudan may be a bit different but that is one large age gap. If you were say 20 and he was 38 then I would be ok with that but let me elaborate a little. I lived in Switzerland and all the surrounding countrys, I am from England and also lived in the US for 10 years. People who live in Switzerland tend to have very well paid jobs and a better lifestyle than say for instance border countrys like France, Germany, Austria. All I can say is be careful. Learn the language as fast as you can and never give anyone your passport and keep a stash of money at least for a plane ticket somewhere safe. Good luck to you if it works out well but be equal with your partner and be firm if need be.
  10. ilovemycousin

    Talking to our families about our cousin romance

    Thank you Ambra, fantastic advice. Sometimes we find it so difficult to decide what to do about our families. On my side of the family the ones that are important already know because I told them but on her side my cousins well they are the trouble makers. I think it is because my mother and her sister don't get along very well anyway and my mothers sister just wants something to argue about and she never really cared for her daughter, I am the only one who cares for her and loves her. We are in our 20's and 30's now and old enough to do what we want but still it's a family problem I don't think we will ever fully resolve. Anyway thanks again for the great advice.
  11. I really feel I have to put this movie in here as I have not seen anyone else mention it yet. (The Mists Of Avalon) This was the movie that gave me the courage to let my cousin know how much I love her. It is full of all kinds of blood relative relationships and the consequences either good or bad that come of them but also it is a damn good film to watch as well, it is my favourite. The first time I met my cousin I brought it with me and we watched it together and then I left the movie with her hoping she would understand my feelings and guess what it worked :cheesy: I would recommend it to everyone in this forum, you wont regret it.
  12. ilovemycousin

    Ain't Nobody's Business But Your Own

    Spot on Serendipity. That 15 year old twerp is probably fishing for information for someone else, someone needs to push him in the lake. I don't trust facebook as far as I can throw it, always family members on there trying to spy on me and my cuz...
  13. This one really done it for me. Lyrics: Just an ordinary day Until you came around I had my feet on the ground So much for that. Just an ordinary day Until you came around And now my life's upside down Imagine that. And its all because I heard you say And it's all because I walked your way.