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  1. Nessa it is the best I have seen so far. You can watch it free streaming online but you can buy it for ?2 or ?3 online at Amazon etc. Get it on DVD it is bloody awesome. Thanks to (gotitGOOD) for this link to the free online stream of it, beware it may make you teary eyed. http://ffilms.org/how-i-live-now-2013/ It's beautiful.
  2. Thanks Ladyc for the movies. I will definately be ordering the 'How I live now' film and I'm sure me and my first cousin who are now engaged to be married will enjoy it. The youtube trailer looks great. Not only first cousins together but also scifi apocalyptic. Looks like it has everything in it I like in movies...
  3. Csibe04, Hi and good luck with the learning German part of it, it is very similar language to Swiss and you will be understood by everyone in Switzerland if you learn it, they are very similar languages, again good luck and I hope it all works out well for you. :wink:
  4. I also wish you both well but like the posts above I have a few concerns. I know we here in Europe consider 16 the age to legally have sex or smoke cigarettes, get married or pregnant etc and when we are 18 we can drink alcohol and are basically considered an adult whereas in the US the age is 21 years old so we all take those limits as guidelines from wherever we come from but you say you were 14 years old and he was 32, that is a bit worrying. I understand that things in Sudan may be a bit different but that is one large age gap. If you were say 20 and he was 38 then I would be ok with tha
  5. Wow... Leah. I could not of said it better myself, so so true. I am new here but that is the best post I have read so far.
  6. I really feel I have to put this movie in here as I have not seen anyone else mention it yet. (The Mists Of Avalon) This was the movie that gave me the courage to let my cousin know how much I love her. It is full of all kinds of blood relative relationships and the consequences either good or bad that come of them but also it is a damn good film to watch as well, it is my favourite. The first time I met my cousin I brought it with me and we watched it together and then I left the movie with her hoping she would understand my feelings and guess what it worked :cheesy: I would recomm
  7. I only have vague memories of my cousin when we were younger, we never knew each other when we were growing up, the distance between us was too far away, and then after 15 years we made contact. It began with a few phone calls and then we communicated via the internet for a year or two. I loved the things she said and the way she said them, the way she acted or reacted, everything about her fascinated me and also the way she looks, she is beautiful in every way. I had been in many relationships before throughout my life but there was something about her that was so real, so honest and pe
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