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  1. heyyy guysss !!! Im CathyS !! i greww upp in philippines but im here sa Canada na !!! Its so nice na madami din pala na pinoy dito kala ko dati ako lang ang may ganitong situation !!
  2. So i dont know how to start it but me and him are first cousin. When we first saw each other we dont really talk because I dont like speaking in english and he hates me. We only say hi, hello and bye. A few months later, we started talking because we found out that both of us like watching anime. So we stayed in my room and watched anime for the whole day then after that he started to be sweet to me like he hugs me after church and make a time for me. Around mid august 2013, I started to stay up with him in the night just listening to his story about his friends and everything. One night h
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