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  1. heyyy guysss !!! Im CathyS !! i greww upp in philippines but im here sa Canada na !!! Its so nice na madami din pala na pinoy dito kala ko dati ako lang ang may ganitong situation !!
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    Soorrryyy to hearrr that Jackkq -.- i thought im going to read some goodneewwss !! Anywayss i hope youre still doing fine. If you need someone to talk too just post here and we'll be heree !! Godblesss !! - Cathyy S .
  3. im 19 now. were both studying !!! im going to college this septemberr !! hindi ako nagwowork naghahanap pa.. and im from etobicoke ontarioo !!
  4. were both here in canada now but were not allowed to talk tp each x.x
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    ohhh ! why you dont have drivers license !! How far is her house from yours ??? I feel happy too when i see him just sitting alone by himself or talking to my other guys cousin what I hate is that when he talks to my girls cousin or sister it makes me really mad and jealous :grin: I told him that if he wants to talk to them, talk to them when im not around Its really hard when the person you like / love is your cousin cause we cant say anything we want in front of everyone not like the ordinary boyfriend/girlfriend. Were planning to move out too i hope next year !!! Were still savingg moneyyy and finishing our school. Hey tell us the story after you give your letter and gift to herr !!! ill be waiting for your story )))
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    hey why dont you deliver yourself instead of asking her to pick it up !!!! its her birthday and its girl !!! i think your message to her is ok cause its not really suspicious to your other relatives im not trying to discourage you about the letter but the love letter that he wrote for me put us on trouble his sister found the rough copy in his room. Were still together now but we cant hangout now like we sleep together ( not sexual) not even talk in front of our relatives because they found out the letter, were trying to deny it to everyone. Everytime we see each other and try to talk in front of everyone they call us disgusting !!! I hope when you give that letter to her tell her to hide it properlyyy and I hope you guys dont experience what were experiencing right now ) Goodluckkk By the way you guys are older than us :tongue:
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    I can totally relate to you I thought were just the only one who experience that. anyways i think you should ask her what does it means !!! cause in my experience my boy cousin is like that too before and one night he wrote a love letter and asked me out I said yeahh Sadly were first cousin too !!! i think in your situation now shes trying to make you jealous xD ask her in personal !!
  8. Ako naman. Nagkagusto ako sa pinsan ko pero we didnt grew up together sa pilipinas ako sa canda siya. Naging close kami tapos nagkagustuhan kami kaso yung ate niya may nakitang love letter na sinulat niya para siya sakin ngayon everyone is starting to get suspicious and they call us "Disgusting" Ganun ba tayo kadumi ? Hindi naman natin kasalanan na magkagusto sa mga pinsan natin -.-
  9. So i dont know how to start it but me and him are first cousin. When we first saw each other we dont really talk because I dont like speaking in english and he hates me. We only say hi, hello and bye. A few months later, we started talking because we found out that both of us like watching anime. So we stayed in my room and watched anime for the whole day then after that he started to be sweet to me like he hugs me after church and make a time for me. Around mid august 2013, I started to stay up with him in the night just listening to his story about his friends and everything. One night he asked me if i like someone in my other cousins i told him no why? then he said "cause i like someone" then i asked him "who? i know it is it my sister?" then he said "nope, it maybe a little weird but i like you" then i told him " oh? really whyyy me?" then he said "i dont know". After that night everything started to changed. A few weeks later, he wrote a letter for me. At the very bottom of the letter it says there do u want to secretly date me ? then i said yes cause i like him too. Everything was going to well until after our 7th monthsary he changed. He became so strict about me because he easily got jealous of my other cousins. I cant even look at my cousins. One time i didnt go with him and i went to my other cousins he timed me. he said that i have to be home in 10 minutes. how am i suppose to go home in 10 mins when im not even the driver. So i came home 1 minute late and he broke up with me. I was crying in front of him for the whole hour just saying sorry then he gave me another chance. He told me that that was my last chance. Then this week came, they sleepover here then everything is going so well until my other cousin came and hes sick. I have to help to him because he cant even stand when we got off at the elevator. He saw us and he texted me that hes breaking up with me. I talked to him the next morniing and he said were done. I said ok if that whats make him happy. I didnt say anythiing cause his pride is more important. he prioritize his rules. He broke up with me. when everyone is starting to found out about us. He left me so i have to face it on my own now! There are some happy endings but not for everyone. Lets just hope that yours is happy endingg
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