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  1. I didnt see one from you either Pepe, please post again. Thanks LadyC, I appreciate you insite. My bf leaves for Alaska in 2 weeks and he will be gone for 6 weeks, I would like to resolve this before he leaves.
  2. Thanks Nat, I did talk to my cousin last nite about your site. He was interested and we talked about it through dinner. He's really being supportive and patient... when all he really wants is to live the rest of his life with me. Hes been alone for the last 12 years and hates it. My daughter has been put in a wife roll with her Dad and shame on him for making his daughter feel like she has to take care of him. I've told her I don't need her to take care of me. LadyC, I didn't actually lie I did move out and end it but that didn't last long. I went to get some boxes from his house and we started talking and now we are seeing each other again. In fact, I rented a room with a couple of other ladies when I moved out. This week I am actually staying at my cousins... it feels great! I want to move back and he wants me to come home. I haven't talked to my daughter much and I haven't seen her since all of this started. I really just want to move on with my life and be happy. My boyfriend (cousin) says we will handle whatever comes our way together. We introduce ourselves as bf and gf since we started dating. We don't live around family so here it is a simple life. They are all at least 4 hours away.
  3. My daughter, her husband and kids live with her Dad and she babysits him (he drinks a lot), she thinks that I need that from her too. I've let her know that unconditional is just that and I get "but your my mom". She is embrassed and says she can't deal with this. When I moved in with my cousin she said she couldn't believe I chose him over her. I let her know that I didn't choose she chose for me and that it isn't my choice not to have her in my life. I'm not asking her to accept anything or spend time with him. I'm still the same person and I would still visit her like I always do. My kids live 4 hours away from me. I go once or twice a month to see them. My personal life is mine. I consider myself a strong woman and I've passed that on to my girls. I have always tried to be there for them, I for sure am not up for mother of the year. Ive made choices in my life that they have not approved of and to her this is the icing on the cake. When I moved out I talked with her and she asked me if I was totally done with him and that I wasn't going to see him at all. I said yes and she said good because I miss my mom and I needed you last week... I'm glad I found this website and I appreciate all the feedback. I know my cousin loves me and we've talked about marriage... I wish we weren't related and that this wasn't so difficult. It feels good to be here and see that I'm not crazy for how I feel and there are so many others going through the same emotions. When we are together we don't look at each other and say your my cousin, we look at each other as life partners and two people in love and happy together. What a crazy life...
  4. Thank you, I know I need to make a decision for my cousins happiness and mine. No matter how I look at it it's him or my kids... I would like to believe that they will come around. I want to be selfish and only think about my happiness...
  5. My daughter is so upset because it is wrong and it makes her sick to think that I'm with him. My 18 yr old cried and yelled at me but since has calmed down knowing that I was moving out. My 2 boys don't know, one of them hasn't talked to me in 3 yrs for other reasons. Our parents don't know and no other family but my brother who supports me. None of my cousins immediate family either. We want to be together...we have both been through 3 marriages and have finally found a lot of common in each other.
  6. Thanks that is what my cousin says... he isnt close to his family or kids except his youngest who is still with him every other week. I think I see his mom more than he does when I go to visit family. I'm used to spending every holiday with my kids, parents and relatives, he is not. We wouldn't be able to spend holidays together with family...especially my kids. I guess I have a lot to think about, I would really miss that. We are both over 50 and really don't have time to waste on what everyone else feels... so torn
  7. My cousin and I have been living together since the end of March. I moved out a week ago because I told my 27 year old daughter a month ago after she asked me alot of questions and I couldn't lie (I wish I had). She says that if I continue my relationship with my cousin that she will no longer have me in her life and I won't be able to see my grandkids. My cousin and I continue to see each other and I want to move back in and he wants me to but my kids are important to me too. So is he... how can I choose?
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