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  1. JackQ


    It's just really sad to see that he is born the way he is. Not just him, but other people as well. It's life, I guess.
  2. JackQ


    I just may be underestimating the human spirit. But, even with federal assistance, some people are still not so fortunate. We can only do so much until we give it all that we have and then throw in the towel because our actions were not successful. I'm sure he has his parents and his sister's support. I am certain that I cannot stand being able to socialize with other people due to my inability to speak. It will drive me crazy.
  3. JackQ


    I haven't seen him in years, only recently. I started to wonder and it got me thinking, that he is never going to get a girlfriend. Make friends. Attend school and even have a successful life, if he can't even talk. How do his parents even know if he has needs and wants, like eating and drinking, if he is unable to talk/communicate with them? He is an adult now. I would not be able to live his life if I was in his shoes. I'm not just talking about him, but all the other people out in the World with disabilities. It's sad. I wish there is a way to give these disabled and handicapped people a life worth living. People like this make me feel really sorry for them. For them not to be able to experience life like a normal human being would.
  4. JackQ


    I have relatives that have a son and a daughter. Their daughter is normal. However, the son has a disability from the time he was born. It's baffled me and I never asked. Until very recently. I asked the mother how come her son is not able to talk and she said that he is "handicapped". I asked her if he could understand what she says to him. She said that he could understand in various foreign languages, not just in English. But, I wonder what are the chances of a baby, being born to first cousins, being handicapped, compared to an unrelated couple, such as my relatives? I think he has mutism, but I'm not sure.
  5. I watched "American Sniper", too. Between "American Sniper", "Lone Survivor", and "Zero Dark Thirty", I liked "Lone Survivor" more than the other two films. But, the difference between the three movies is that "American Sniper" shows the reality of service members in the armed forces trying to adjust to home life after being in combat and away from your loved ones for so long that can change someone. All three though have their own pros and cons from people's perspective.
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