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  1. Wow thanks for such a detailed and thoughtful post! I am very sensible/realistic so I would never do anything rash or careless and I value my education. I care less about what my friends and peers would think and more about what my family would think. I asked my mom today if it's normal to date a second cousin and she said "Absolutely not. It's only acceptable to date a cousin if they are a 4th or 5th cousin. A 2nd cousin is way too close in relation and bloodline". Although my family is quite open minded, I don't think they will ever allow me to pursue a relationship with my 2nd cousin. I tell my parents everything(except the fact that I'm in love with my cousin) and I highly respect their opinions so my mom's denial of such a relationship was a serious disappointment. As of now, I have the feeling of someone who is in love with a married person; that person you love is off limits :cry:
  2. Yeah I think the hardest part about pursuing such a relationship would be dealing with what our families would think. I don't want my family to have an awkward tension due to how my cousin and I might feel about each other. Plus, considering how close our families are they would probably see such a relationship as incestuous. :undecided:
  3. So I think I'm in love with my second cousin. I definitely know that I'm attracted to him. In fact, it's to the point where I fantasize about him a lot. Is this normal? We used to play all the time as kids but I recently met him again after not seeing him for 10 years. (We are both 17 now). Is this considered incest, and is attraction to your second cousin normal? The sad thing is that we will probably never be more than friends due to family stigma since our dads and families are very close. My cousin is like my ideal type too and I can tell that he is also attracted to me. Should I just suppress my feelings and wait for another guy to fall in love with? :cry:
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