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  1. Good luck! And don't worry about it too much. More than likely, your child will be just fine.
  2. Honestly, if they asked "so are you related?" I would just say "nope".
  3. Just jump in. That's what I would do at this point. It's been three years and she's still very affectionate with you and is not freaked out by your feelings. Bring it up again and see where it goes!
  4. Ha ha, you're awesome, ColoradoMarried! :laugh: On a bleaker note, I knew nothing would change. Sometimes I really wonder if it ever will!
  5. I'm 27. I can remember listening to Michael Jackson's "Black or White" when I was 4 years old and he's remained my favorite singer ever since. Totally out of left field but my favorite band has always consistently been Nirvana.
  6. I know this is over two months old but I feel like I need to reiterate what the op said. Every time I check in here I feel relief, like I am among friends and folks who really, truly understand. I love you all and send my own thanks to everyone
  7. Just echoing the other responses. Unless there is a genetic disease which you know runs in your bloodline, rest assured that your child will probably be fine. If there is a hereditary disease in your family or you just can't let go of the worry, see a genetic counselor for blood tests. They'll be able to tell you of your baby's risk for everything, if there's any risk at all. Good luck!
  8. Yes, if you are a teenager, it may take quite a while.
  9. You say you have a massive physical attraction to her but is it strictly physical? She may be attracted to you, too, but I think you guys should have a serious heart to heart and think things through before embarking on anything. What if she falls in love with you?
  10. Ok, so start dropping hints and see where it goes from there. A good one I have heard from this forum is saying "if you weren't my cousin, we'd make a good couple" or something along those lines - there's several variations of it. Compliment her, slowly become more affectionate (maybe adding a peck on the cheek when you hug goodbye). You guys eventually need to have an honest discussion about where things are going. Again, at 31 and 40, you guys aren't under obligation to anybody else for what you do with your own relationship. Good luck. I know it's nerve racking to kinda be in limbo like this.
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