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  1. I'm 27. I can remember listening to Michael Jackson's "Black or White" when I was 4 years old and he's remained my favorite singer ever since. Totally out of left field but my favorite band has always consistently been Nirvana.
  2. I know this is over two months old but I feel like I need to reiterate what the op said. Every time I check in here I feel relief, like I am among friends and folks who really, truly understand. I love you all and send my own thanks to everyone
  3. Just echoing the other responses. Unless there is a genetic disease which you know runs in your bloodline, rest assured that your child will probably be fine. If there is a hereditary disease in your family or you just can't let go of the worry, see a genetic counselor for blood tests. They'll be able to tell you of your baby's risk for everything, if there's any risk at all. Good luck!
  4. I hope everything is going well for you guys.
  5. I wish there were more parents like you, who support their children and truly love them unconditionally. The biggest fear many of us have is alienation of and rejection by family members once they find out who our hearts really belong to.
  6. It may be a little unusual to some people but you shouldn't be excluded because of that. Welcome! I have found this place to be a life saver several times. I am curious, though... How is it that you guys never cross the line, physically? Sorry, I am just imagining myself in your situation and I know I wouldn't be able to control myself with my cousin, which is why I refuse to date anybody these days (unless it's him, of course), because it's just not fair to the other person.
  7. It seems like the attraction is mutual. I would tell him that you need to talk to him, and just be upfront. Normally I would not be so bold but if you guys are that obvious, go for it.
  8. Romalee is correct. I know that it hurts a lot, but don't contact her and truly give her space. She needs it and trying to force contact or push for time alone will only drive her further away. I think you should try to temper your knee jerk reactions, though - that might be one reason why she wants space. Calling her a whore and jumping to the conclusion that she's an alcoholic and all of the resulting drama seems a little over the top. Please don't take offense - I'm just being honest here. Good luck.
  9. It's been months since I last saw my cousin and I'm about to lose my mind. He never stays around long enough and he's always gone too long!
  10. Hopefully this works... The attachment that I'm (hopefully) attaching really spoke volumes to me. It's not necessarily a cousin love quote but it is for me.
  11. I understand... Several times before, I have gotten really emotional and wanted to just blurt it all out to him, on facebook or via text. It is hard to carry such a secret around for so long.
  12. GirlSaysWhat


    I haven't made my own yet but I have tried all types of sushi and it's all divine!! I love it.
  13. I always mean to make them, yet never have. They sound so good, though!
  14. He still doesn't seem to know, thankfully. I want him to know, but it needs to be at the right time, and in the right setting!
  15. Just curious - for those not dating their cousins, did or do you tell them "I love you"? For those in a relationship with their cousin, did you say it regularly before dating? I say it to my cousin every now and then but I can hardly bear to. I both am just dying to say it and hate saying it because we aren't together like i want us to be.
  16. He makes me feel happy. Really, truly happy. It sounds so stupidly simple, but after the life I have lived, it's the best feeling of all.
  17. I'm sorry but I feel so badly for your wife. It's a sad situation for everybody. to answer the question, I don't know about anybody else but I will never "get over" my cousin.
  18. How old are you guys? It sounds like you should just talk to her.
  19. I don't know if I can ever work up the nerve to tell him now. I kinda awkwardly suggested that we take a trip together some time, and he stopped responding. :cry: I hope he's just busy or something but I have a bad feeling. This thread brought up all kinds of emotions.
  20. Reading through this thread brought up all kinds of emotions in me. If only there were some surefire way to know if it's "safe" before diving in.
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