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  1. It's important not to let one or even a few bad experiences turn you away from the faith. For myself my doctrine keeps me out of most churches who are by and large dispensational and Armenian and millennialists while I am some what reformed cal anise and preterist. My ultimate point is remember that NO ONE has inherent insight to scripture and often reading it for yourself is the best approach rather than seeking the opinion of an authority figure.
  2. How this is in theme with the website is that if you find yourself shot down concerning feelings towards your cousin by a pastor or church leader, don't just believe what he says. If you have love enough, you will do the research yourself.
  3. I'd love to start a good discussion here. I hate organized religion and the official church for so many many reasons. One of my greatest issues lies with the church leaders. Pastors and their equivalents tend often to exhibit the exact opposite traits looked for in church leaders as outlined in the Bible. They are often arrogant and cock sure, completely closed to other opinions. They will tell you that the Bible says something that it simply does not, and when you challenge them to show you the scripture they will use a cop out like "It is in the spirit of the Bible". Bull, you either
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