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  1. well, first of all this is a wonderful place where people can discuss about their love for their cousin and issues around it. as long as i can remember i love my first cousin. i am 35 now and she is 34.we both live in different countries and hardly have met 4 to 5 times, but whenever we met, it was always amazing. I feel such an amazing bond with her which is unexplainable. We both are married now and have stopped talking to each other for some time after our marriage and before a year or so we have started chatting back again via IMs and emails, which she initiated. After we started talking again, one day i expressed how i feel for her and she was cool with it. She calls me her bezzy (best friend) and we have an amazing comfort zone between us. She can make me laugh at will and i can say the same. She never said she loves me as such but i do wonder what she feels at times. I told her all kinds of things, like when i was in college i wanted to marry her and find country where it is allowed and stuff. Altho, she being married has always been my concern so ive tried many times to cut off myself from her,after we started chatting again and just dont talk to her for many days. and, then she emails me back showing her concern and why am i doing this, and i explain her my concerns. I think she is going thru a bad marriage and so am i, my question is should i try to tap into her heart and get more close or should i maintain this relationship as it is? which is very beautiful as it is now. She being happy in her life is the only thing i want, i just want to enhance it or wanna contribute to it by being close to her.