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  1. Hi KC I have figured the issue, have emailed you about it Thanks Davem
  2. Hey KC I have sent you an email, please respond whenever you find time Thanks Davem
  3. Yeah send me the email, I will have a look. Zurb although claims they are the best, but they do have a lot of work to do in user experience. LOL What are the bottom 2 elements. Disappearing logo could be a result of it hiding behind another element that is in the same space in the landscape mode. I will have a look through your template and ask you if I have any queries regarding the styling..
  4. I have worked on one of the projects for a small bit with zurb, but I can have a look. I will message you my email address, email me the file i will have a look. I have hell lot of servers so dw. lol
  5. I haven't told my cousin about my feelings yet but I am still dating her(just going out with her essentially) but never really told her "I love you" Although 2 years ago I made her a hard using photoshop nd stuff in which I said "I love you" (I mean she would have taken it as a cousin). and just like you I am dying to say it too. Lets hope it happens soon for the both of us. LOL
  6. I am a poet and poets only fall in love once in short I am a one woman person. I don't think it's even possible for me to forget her and stop/reduce the love for her.!!!
  7. No worries. Looks good!! Let me know if you need any other help..
  8. On my samsung phone, there is no style either.. KC I have emailed you the gzip, if you don't have it already.. Davem
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