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  1. Hi KC I have figured the issue, have emailed you about it Thanks Davem
  2. Hey KC I have sent you an email, please respond whenever you find time Thanks Davem
  3. Yeah send me the email, I will have a look. Zurb although claims they are the best, but they do have a lot of work to do in user experience. LOL What are the bottom 2 elements. Disappearing logo could be a result of it hiding behind another element that is in the same space in the landscape mode. I will have a look through your template and ask you if I have any queries regarding the styling..
  4. I have worked on one of the projects for a small bit with zurb, but I can have a look. I will message you my email address, email me the file i will have a look. I have hell lot of servers so dw. lol
  5. No worries. Looks good!! Let me know if you need any other help..
  6. On my samsung phone, there is no style either.. KC I have emailed you the gzip, if you don't have it already.. Davem
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