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  1. Hello Guys, I just want to share my big problem... I'm so in love with my cousin for almost 12 years, i was 25 yrs old and he is 28.. i'm so faithful to him because i love him so much. God knows how much i love him..We have a plan to marry but it's very difficult because it's illegal in the Philippines. we had a promise to each other that we will be together again someday.. yes we are far away for almost 5 years. he is working in US. he promised that he will not leave me no matter what happen. Until now i'm hoping that he will not change because he is my life and i can't live without him. 4 months ago i found out that he has another woman and it almost killed myself.. I don't know what to do during that time. i can't eat and i cried every night. i can't accept after how many years of our relationship will end of nothing.. But he said he will never change to me. i've never heard from him to say Sorry. It's so painful to me because i don't want to think that he will leave me after all. When we are together we are so happy and contented in our life. We help each other and have lot's of dream. But it's hard to stay together not legal. So he tried to go in US as tourist and he so lucky approved by the embassy. I've never forget what he said He will not let me down. It's so hard for me to far away with my love. I want to go in US but it's difficult to apply as tourist, i've tried once but i was failed. I just pray to God hope my dreams will come true to be with him and marry...
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