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  1. I have always followed cycles of poor carb diet because doing a lot of sports proteins seem to weigh less. But eating a few carb increase my aggression and I have serious problems with constipation. is for this reason that I wanted to try a Mediterranean diet while eliminating excess fats such as olive oil, which is good, but perhaps that has too much fat. as you can read, it says that olive oil is the basis dlla Mediterranean diet. But if I wanted to replace it with a lighter oil such as seeds or peanut?
  2. Hello everyone, what do you think of the Mediterranean diet? any of you use it?
  3. Also in Italy there are Mormon communities, and as I have some acquaintances. Contrary to what it says are people like any other. Far from the technology (and maybe that's good)
  4. thanks for the advice! you know, there are also risks to their privacy? If I have documents on my computer (in folders cloud) there is a risk that those who had access to my wi-fi has been able to steal?
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