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  1. quarter25

    Go fund me help!!

    Hey all! Really appreciate some help with obtaining legal aid to help get our girls back. About 2 weeks ago my Bfs ex fled state with his girls, there was no notification to us, the school or anyone else in the family so we have no idea where they are. Obviously having a rough time so anything helps, if you can't donate or share then all I ask is for you to keep us in your prayers ? You have my permission to share this link with anyone you believe might be able to help. Hope you all have a blessed day ? https://www.gofundme.com/yuvgn5-family-law-services
  2. quarter25

    Mod approval

    Thanks Romalee and Kc! Hope you and the wife are well, everyone has been having crazy weather! Sending love and prayers ?
  3. quarter25

    Mod approval

    Hey! Haven't been on here for a while but I'm trying to reach out to everyone I can. Dealing with a heartbreaking situation at the moment with my boyfriend children. His ex has fled state with his children and we are in desperate need of a lawyer and severely lacking the funds. I was hoping to maybe share my go fund me page here if at all possible. Some prayers would be greatly appreciated as well if you wouldn't mind ?
  4. quarter25

    Advice required from girls

    If you have strong feelings for her then get to know her first and establish a connection. She's still young so don't be discouraged if she may not be interested, build a friendship and you can't go wrong. Best of luck
  5. quarter25

    Merry Christmas happy holidays

    Merry Christmas fellow cousin lovers this site has definitely been a blessing for me, thank you!
  6. I'm not a lawyer so I can't give any valid legal advice but even though Texas is pretty strict in regards to cousin relationships I believe second cousins can marry pretty much anywhere as far as I know so being second half cousins I would think you would be OK
  7. Well me and my bf haven't been arrested yet most people just assume we're married since we share the same last name
  8. quarter25

    Am I fighting a losing battle

    Sleeping with someone always makes things so much harder :/ The societal and family backlash is the most common reason a lot of cousin relationships never tend to go anywhere and unfortunately if she can't get passed that then there isn't much you can do. Now I think you should make room for a lot of you time and when you are on your path to healing, which may take time, you can decide how you would like to approach staying in touch with your cousin. I believe she does love you and doesn't want to lose you so I don't think you should completely cut her out of your life but for yourself and her you'll have to make it clear that you can't go back to how things were because of your past with one another. If she does care about you then she should be understanding of your feelings and what you're going through right now. Hoping for the best.
  9. quarter25


    Thank you! Definitely agree, I don't understand how she can treat her 2yr old niece that way the few family events we've been to I just try to be neutral and keep my daughter away from her so she doesn't pick up on how her "aunt" is treating her it's been about 4 years now so who know if she'll ever come around.
  10. quarter25

    Reposting my story

    Thank you everyone for the well wishes Santoro: We are identical twins, we were close when we were younger and even had our own twin language but as we got older we kinda grew a part. A lot of identical twins try so hard to be their own person it's pretty common to end up not being that close.
  11. quarter25

    WHat do i do

    Try to stick to one thread, you may get less advice but it keeps you and everyone else focused on the same information, results, updates etc. Don't stress out too much over this, you wouldn't want to make yourself sick.
  12. quarter25

    Am I wrong

    Sorry for the mistake, interesting that we both assumed you were a female. Completely agree with Romalee. You know her better than us so if you guys are really close then the innocent "if you weren't my cousin" line definitely gives you an out without making everything super awkward. Wishing you all the best
  13. quarter25

    Am I wrong

    Completely normal to have feelings for your cousin. Since you are both in your thirties and unattached then I would ask what do you want to do? If you think he returns the feelings and would like to pursue a relationship with him then talk it out, see if your on the same page. Build your friendship, take things slow. We can only give you as much advice from the information you provide. Let us know a little more about your situation so we can help you better.
  14. Of course, no matter how awful parents can be at times the love will always be there but she should absolutely not be treating you that way ? I'm sorry that you could not confide in her and I truly hope that she wakes up and sees how wrong she is. Wishing you all the best, God bless ❤
  15. Well your mom can feel whatever she pleases but it doesn't make it so. God has already made his decision on the subject and that is that. Your relationship has nothing to do with her, period. I know she's your mother and I'm sorry if I sound harsh but if she is more concerned with how others will look at her, has no interest in your feelings what so ever and because of this is demeaning and nasty towards you then not only is she not a very good mother but I'd also say she's not as good of a religious women as well. I don't know much about you in any other aspect of your life but as far as your relationship with your cousin is concerned you are all right on that front in the eyes of the Lord. I'm sure I've mentioned this before but I'll say it again. You do not deserve to be treated like that, especially by someone who's love is supposed be unconditional. You don't have to cut your mother off all together but I would suggest distancing your self from her negativity. Be assertive, let her know it will not be tolerated and if she has any love for you at all she will cut it out or risk losing you. Your life is yours to live, not hers.