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  1. Try to stick to one thread, you may get less advice but it keeps you and everyone else focused on the same information, results, updates etc. Don't stress out too much over this, you wouldn't want to make yourself sick.
  2. Of course, no matter how awful parents can be at times the love will always be there but she should absolutely not be treating you that way ? I'm sorry that you could not confide in her and I truly hope that she wakes up and sees how wrong she is. Wishing you all the best, God bless ❤
  3. Well your mom can feel whatever she pleases but it doesn't make it so. God has already made his decision on the subject and that is that. Your relationship has nothing to do with her, period. I know she's your mother and I'm sorry if I sound harsh but if she is more concerned with how others will look at her, has no interest in your feelings what so ever and because of this is demeaning and nasty towards you then not only is she not a very good mother but I'd also say she's not as good of a religious women as well. I don't know much about you in any other aspect of your life but as
  4. Sorry to hear about the car accident, hope you are okay. You'll be waiting a LONG time since there are none! Also first cousin marriage is legal in at least 25 states, the two of you are 4th cousins that's SO far down the family tree you're basically strangers (genetically speaking) there are ZERO laws against 4th cousins! Your mother is a bully and I'm sorry that you suffer because of that ? Sending love and prayers your way ❤❤
  5. Scratch the flight information. Just found out today that she's taking care of all that! Can't wait till January though I'm super nervous about my first time in the air
  6. Lol thanks Boss, it's fixed ?
  7. That explains my problem a little more clearly, that's exactly what's happening to me (along with the moving page) lol Hope you can get it sorted out without too much of a hassle. Definitely agree with Miss Price ?
  8. From what I've seen over the years those posts aren't the majority here but every now and then they pop up and it just blows my mind
  9. I can't seem to access my side bar (the one in the corner that's 3 bars). Not sure if it's a problem with my phone or because I'm using a mobile device? Also instead of a fixed page, it keeps moving around on me when I'm scrolling would love some help with this if possible. Thanks ?
  10. Hello fellow kissing cousins ? So my aunt is getting married in a few months in Colorado and then having her reception in Texas. From what I hear, it's going to be a very formal event, talks about secret service being there so I'm hoping I'll be able to meet former president W Bush ? So excited! Hope we can save up the money to fly out there, any information regarding cheap flights for 2 adults a 10yr old and a toddler? Anyone from the Houston area?
  11. He very well could be. This is why we generally advise against FWB relationships and jumping into any form of relationship before you've given yourself enough time to grieve after a breakup. If you're done with having a sexual relationship with him and have made your self clear and talked everything out and he isn't over it then giving him space is probably the best thing atm. Maybe with time the two of you will be able to repair your friendship but it will never be the same. Let him have his space for now, he's obviously very emotional and he needs the time to process his feelings.
  12. Yes, read the post. We can only make assumptions, we are not mind readers nor do we know your cousin personally. Both of us have stated that she sounds like a normal teen, only she can tell you if there is more to her actions. Your paranoia is your problem, not hers. If you don't want anything to come of this then leave it be. Stop obsessing over it and live your life.
  13. Just wanted to say that I agree with everything that Miss Price has said to you. Relationships are already so complicated enough, add the cousin factor and a FWB situation and your looking at a whirlwind of emotions. If you guys were close enough to share a bed then you both need to sit down and clear the air about everything. We can advise you till our fingers cramp but ultimately all this will be up to the two of you. Good luck
  14. Well your question was if your cousin liked you, so one would assume that you'd give a bit more information about her. I'll stick to the advice I gave above and also agree with what Miss Price has added. Go live your life, stop stressing over something if your only interest is curiosity, what would be the point of knowing if she likes you if you have no intention of acting on it?
  15. We can't tell you if she likes you, we can only make assumptions from the information you've provided. Could she like you? Possibly. She's a teen, almost of age but a teen nonetheless. You haven't given a lot of information about her besides that you think she might have a crush on you. She's still young and trying to figure her self out, hormones are still bouncing around and she's still developing emotionally. She should be focusing on schooling, friends her age, dating boys her age and just being young in general. You should also be focusing on yourself, if you're not interested i
  16. Like I can't tell you how you feel about your cousin, I can't tell you how he feels about you. Use your gut, if you think all he seems to be interested in is being sexual then cut him off, don't let yourself be used. You deserve more than that. Go out and date, as in going to the movies, dinner, walks, things like that. Focus on you and take care of yourself.
  17. Hey Boss! Sorry to hear about your health thanks for keeping us updated, it's nice to hear from you.
  18. I'm sorry but your post is a bit confusing. You say you've been in a sexual relationship since you were little and then go on to say you're both virgins now as if it's something you can take back. Also you say you had a pregnancy scare but make it sound as though you two never really went through with actually having sex, not to mention symptoms wouldn't present themselves the very next day. No one can answer if you're in love with your cousin but you. It sounds like you do have feelings for him but given your immaturity for your ages I'd suggest holding off on pursuing a relationshi
  19. I will most definitely keep you both in my thoughts and prayers ❤ Sounds to me your family has a lot of growing up to do
  20. You will find nothing in the Bible against cousin relationships, God has blessed and encouraged those unions at least 6 times that I know of. If you are certain you are 4th cousins then you share about as much DNA as any unrelated couple and can as far as I know of marry anywhere you wish. You and your cousin are adults, your family gets no say in your relationship at all, did they ask you for permission when choosing their significant others? I know their judgment can be cruel but it is their problem not yours. Be with who makes you happy and if their verbal abuse continues cut them off,
  21. Sorry Lady C I jinxed the site lol ? If you care for her even in the slightest then hit a bar and try your luck there. Cousin relationships are already stigmatized and complicated enough, you shouldn't use anyone for sex especially family!!
  22. I just can't wrap my mind around it Even though I thought it would be a big obstacle in regards to my relationship with my cousin, I'm glad I was raised with a strong love and loyalty for my family. I could never hurt anyone like that, especially if they're family!
  23. Does anyone else get super bummed out reading posts about just trying to hookup with a cousin or messing with their marriage? I've been reading a lot of posts here and it just drives me crazy to see those topics, it's already horrible enough to do those things to a complete stranger but family! How could anyone do that to their own family? Sorry for the rant, just popped into my head :/
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