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  1. Yeah I'm somewhat aware of the cultural differences depending on where you live and if your cousin is parallel or cross. I'm sorry that your Aunt has caused so much distress for your family since it seems to be a pattern with her and being not a very nice person isn't new then I would stick with just ignoring her and proving to your cousin how wrong she is about you. We have about an 8 hour difference and I need to be up with my daughter in a few hours so I'll have to end our conversation here. Feel free to message me if you'd like or continue commenting on this thread. Hope I've helped and I truly do wish you the best of luck ? hope you have a wonderful day, try not to worry yourself sick about all this and don't forget to take care of you.
  2. Thought so. From my experience here in the forums there isn't a lot of good feed back from there when cousin relationships are involved (no disrespect intended). I've seen that it's extremely tough for the women who have feelings for a cousin, lots of manipulation and threats ? Sometimes family can be a pain in the arse, especially if they think they know what's best. If you feel your Aunt isn't treating you very well call her out on it, ask her why's she's treating you so horribly, either she'll answer honestly and you can build a dialogue from there or she'll feign innocence in which case I'd just ignore her. Just be you and remain civil with your Aunt, your cousin will hopefully be able to tell what her mother says is untrue if she continues to get to know you better.
  3. Could I ask where you're from? You don't have to be overly specific but a general location may be helpful with giving better advise.
  4. Well as cheesy as it may sound it wasn't really anything specific he did to impress me, he was just himself and who he is is an extremely thoughtful, empathetic, intelligent, loving man. Build a friendship, be you and since you both are still young don't rush in to anything, let the relationship grow naturally and if all she wants is for you to be her cousin then don't push her. It may hurt but if you truly love her do not make her feel guilty for not loving you the same way.
  5. Well being the cousin that was hesitant about my relationship with my cousin I could speculate but it would obviously be from my perspective. At first when my cousin flirted with me I didn't make a big deal out of it, I didn't want to hurt his feelings because at the time I wasn't entertaining a relationship with him. As months went by I felt I was starting to fall for him and it was extremely confusing, we went back and forth constantly, some days I welcomed the adulation and others I would tell him this isn't right and we should stop. All of it was overwhelming in the beginning and there were times I considered cutting off contact with him because I didn't know what else to do. I get that not talking to her right now is very emotional but you have to consider her feelings as well, you shouldn't come off as desperate because it may push her further away. Like I said in my last post, invite her to your birthday party since it may make her feel more comfortable being around other family members but give her some space, let her come to you. Bring the gift for her in case she initiates conversation and if possible ease in to your apology if you feel it may help. I would hold off on completely telling her how strongly you feel until you've repaired your relationship, build up your friendship with her and try to take things slow, relationships that last take time and work.
  6. None of us are mind readers and I can't tell you for sure what's going on in your cousins head but if I were to guess I would say that possibly your last encounter made her a bit uncomfortable. It's a good start that you've given her some space and I know 2 months seems like forever but if she hasn't made any effort to contact you then I would continue to not push her in to communication, you could still extend an invitation to your birthday party and see what happens from there but be casual about it. What you did may have came off as playful and innocent to you but given you have strong feelings for her and she may have sensed this then she may have found it very inappropriate. I don't think she hates you, I know not everyone is the same but for most people it takes a lot to hold that much anger for one person, she's family and I'm sure she still loves you. I hope I could help a bit, best of luck.
  7. My daughter is 8 months old and perfectly healthy, her doctor has also said she is quite advanced for her age. In the hospital when I was in labor they joked that it made it easier with the family medical history lol. There's always some risk with pregnancy with everyone, do as hawk has advised and don't let the stress get to you. Good luck
  8. That's great news that it hasn't spread! My great aunt had a double mastectomy and they took fat from other parts of her body to replace them. I know it's different when it's happening to you but women are more than their breasts, hopefully being cancer free will outweigh her fears of being " less of a female ". Hope the surgery goes well and she has a quick recovery
  9. I have a daughter with my first cousin, she will be 8 months on the 20th and her doctor has said that she's quite advanced for her age. Do as the others have suggested and try to take it easy, it's normal to worry just don't let it stress you out too much.
  10. I don't really draw attention to it but since the majority of my friends are family, they know me and my boyfriend are cousins
  11. Can't say I've ever tried any, not much of a fan for beer. I'm from Michigan, I can't recall all the details but one of my friends posted something about one of the breweries being featured in a show all about craft beer, pretty sure it was filmed in GR.
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