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  1. My family is very against mine and my cousins relationship and keep saying that it will cost her her children. I live in Kentucky and by the way i understand it our relationship is technically a class C misdemeanor but I could have misread. Would anybody know for sure whether or not i'm right and what effect it will have on any custody disputes for her?
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    This is my post for clarity. Its sad really because they cant quote scripture they basically just keep repeating that it is sick and wrong and that if we continue we are going to hell. And these are the type of people that even if you showed them solid evidence they will stick with what they want to think is right. without giving to much away the help we are needing from them right now is legal like i said we fell on hard times and made a stupid decision. They know good lawyers and have the assets she needs that i cant provide right now. I had already made up my mind as to whether or not I would do what they wanted and I simply can't but as I say this i would never try to stop her if she was convinced to leave me(she has kids and they have used them against me in their argument). And yes we are both currently legal adults but in fairness when we met and this all kinda started she was underage. Thank you by the way reading your words during this extremely difficult time really help.
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