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  1. Hi everyone :) I could really use an opinion. My cousin and I have been together just over three years. We have talked about getting married and being together. His family is aware of it, but does not know for sure. My family lives out of state where we are and thinks it's weird how close we are. Which family would you tell first that we are dating/serious relationship? How would you tell them? When you told your family(s) how did it go? Thanks!

  2. My bf and I's (cousins) three relationship is tomorrow. <3 We've been keeping it a secret all this time too. We've been talking about marriage... but scared to spill the beans. We're not so much worried about his family (pretty sure they already know) but we are more worried about my family, specifically my dad. You guys sound happy together! :) Do you have any plans for the future?

  3. Hi,

    My cousin and I were raised were Mormon just less active right now but are scared to go back due to our relationship and if we get married. Is it possible to be sealed in the temple? How much fallout have you experienced? Have you had troubles with sharing the family last name if you are married? Thanks.

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