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  1. I like it. I don't know how far your story goes, but I feel as though I can identify with it. Probably a lot of people here can. I get the feeling that you and your cousin shared a bit more than my cousin and I ever did, but it's so hard to tell which is more difficult; sharing something which actually flares, however briefly, then dies out, or feeling as though there is something so potentially amazing there that you never get but the hint of a taste of.
  2. I'm here because the stories of relationships that worked out make me feel warm and fuzzy. My own potential relationship with my cousin never got off the ground due to a number of factors. Distance and the knowledge that family was not going to be supportive were the biggest obstacles. Anyone with eyes could tell that I was completely smitten by him, but I wasn't brave enough to broach the subject with him until it was way too late to do anything about it. I was married with 3 kids by then, but thought that getting the answers I wanted might bring me closure. Instead, the knowledge that he had
  3. A poem I wrote some years ago for my cousin...long after we first had something of a brief but intense, though somewhat confusing interaction. We've only been around each other a handful of times over the past 35 years, but my feelings for him, at least, remain strong. What his were, or are, I have only a slight idea of. ******************************************************************** Moments between us, were they ever truth? They've writ themselves anew since long ago. But think again, though distance dims the lines, Fragments remain, and memories must flow. So moments hang
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