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  1. There are health risks more than birth defect risks associated with having a baby. Any recessive traits shared between you are way more likely to come out as a dominant gene in your child (As it was explained by our child's physician). What this means is that if, say, diabetes runs in your family, then your child has a higher chance of developing diabetes than if you had a child with someone who is not a blood relative. (Edit) - Our soon to be four year old son is mostly healthy, but he does have very bad eyesight, gluten allergy (allergy and not intolerance which most people have). Th
  2. Hello, So its been a little over two years since my last post which was mostly complaints about not being able to move out of state, I would like to tell our story, the good and the bad. So it all started in summer of 2000, I was 20, she was 21... First of all, my father and my cousins mother are brother / sister so we are first cousins. I had always been attracted to her, though we often went a year or so at times without talking at all, so when she messaged me (on the ancient AOL instant messenger) and asked if I wanted to go to Florida for a week to
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