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  1. kc1234

    in love with 2nd cousin need advice please

    so thank you guys for the advice HAWK some more background on the relationship is we are both studying business and we are very strong when it comes to academics I don't know how many time her and I have pulled all nighters when im running to the store ever 2 hours to pick up redbulls. it kinda a thing with us. so I imagine we will be helping on another out a lot and on multiple occasions we have slept in the same bed with one another. My biggest problem im thinking with her is since we are so close she knows all of my dirt and some of the women ive been with she views me as a little bit of player I cant really hold a relationship very long because I feel like the girls I end up dating are to immature and there are too many differences. ive told her on multiple occasions I want to change that part of my lifestyle and just find someone nice that I can get along with. but I don't think she believes me ive toned it down a lot since I started having feelings for her but she still views me as some sort of man whore how do I get her to think different? she doesn't really date and the guys she has, have been disasters that I end up picking up the pieces and doing my best to cheer her up and get over it. im just trying to figure out timing on when I should start pursing her more and start dropping more hints and see. like ive said ive sorta dropped hints but her reactions seem negative or neutral at best. most of the time she thinks im kidding and that's how I play it off.
  2. kc1234

    in love with 2nd cousin need advice please

    I can exactly remember how I hinted at it and I have thrown out some facts that I learned in one of my classes. im 20 and she is 18 so we are pretty young and when I return ill be starting my junior year in college and she will be starting her sophomore year. im just hoping there is some way I can change her mind without throwing a bunch of facts at her. I haven't really tired the if we weren't cousins part but im sure its worth a shot. and thank you for your guys support
  3. I think im in love with my 2nd cousin her and I are best friends and we do everything together. She is beautiful, smart, funny and above all she puts up with me. im currently deployed and all I think about is her I don't know what to do about it and we are suppose to move in with one another when I return. ive dropped hints before and she says it gross is there anyone out there that has been through this successfully and can give me some advice.