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  1. Hi Hawk, Thank you for your concern.I am sorry if,by anyways ,unintetionally,i have violated any rules of this website.I'll elaborate some of my points I had written in last post.Yes I love my first cousin (my uncle's daughter).only 2 of my friend know that.they have understood us.they are very happy for us.they are very supportive.but they are no longer in touch with me as they are in US now.I feel so lonely sometimes and wish if there had been any couple with whom we could talk, hang out.I know about the marry each others cousin scheme but I didn't mean that.I just meantl,its good have someone by your side.I want to be with my cousin I can do anything for that.Evan I don't mind accepting marry each others cousins either. I thought of that.But I'm not sure how well it works out. I thought of leaving my country and migrating to a country where cousin marriage is legal. But its very difficult for me,as my cousin is still studying, I have completed graduation, I have a good job.It's not easy to leave everything like that.we haven't decided anything.we are thinking of each possibility and its consequences.
  2. Hey guys I'm in love with my First cousin.we're in a committed relationship since last 3 years.we're so happy with each other.we wanna spend our whole life together.we want to marry,but as its not legal in India so we don't mind being in Live In relationship.i would love to share my love story with all you guys.but right now i wanna talk about some other issues.It's a common problem that,since cousin marriage is not accepted by our parents and society and law. we have to go through lots of hardships.can all Indian cousin couples (CC) unite together and try to help each other???.yes I like to support all the CC across the world and get support from all of you guys.But thing is that Indian CC can really help each other directly/Personally.i don't want to hide my relationship from the world.but i have to.at least from all you guys i don't have to hide anything.I don't need to explain anything or give any justifications.all of us can meet personally.we'll talk, discuss many problems, help each other.so all of you out there plz reply. I really wanna thank creator of this website.I used to think wrong about our relationship.sometimes i used to feel guilty also.but after i Stumbled Upon your website.i feel great.I feel good about myself that i haven't done anything wrong.I'm so happy to know that im not alone,there many beautiful CC like ours. So thanks a lot !!!.
  3. Hi sourav sony.we're a couple like you.Im from india.I live in Pune.
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