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  1. I haven't had the time to look into the actual details of the recent Supreme Court Of The United States ruling that made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, but the main taglines are "Marriage Equality", and that "everyone" is now "free to marry whom they want". Well, if that were truly the case, then it would also make it so all 50 states allow cousin marriages, not just half of them (or allow the stipulations in the ones that have those). Does anyone have more knowledge of the recent ruling and perhaps the ability to speculate if it does / could have an affect on cousin marriage in states that currently (previously?) don't allow it? My instincts tell me that it has no affect whatsoever, but could be used as a precedent in court if anyone were to ever be willing to take-up the fight =|
  2. LoveRulesAll

    Short but decent article

    I just wanted to post a link to this article, because it seems like a nice "summary of information that can be found by reading through the pages of this site. It may come in handy to someone to be able to share this article link in a conversation, etc. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/faheem-younus/why-ban-cousin-marriages_b_2567162.html
  3. LoveRulesAll

    Cannot upload an image attachment

    I started a new topic in Jokes And Humor and attempted to upload an image with it, but it failed. I hit the "File is too large" warning, but the file is only 102kb, FAR smaller than the 2MB limit. I attempted to edit the post (since it apparently created anyway), and still will not allow me to upload the image. As a Software Tester by trade, I knew the message could be incorrect and the actual issue could be something else, so I removed dashes from the file name, as well as placed it into a very short and easy directory path (now, C:\Temp\identical.jpg), and even tried re-saving it as a .png. Nothing worked.
  4. LoveRulesAll

    Translation Issues

    Thanks for the help! SOMEday I'll be able to actually post in the "Our Story" section (can't wait for that day; still hoping no more than a year out), but for now I'll just post some humor here and there as I find it I have a thing for self-deprecating humor, lol
  5. LoveRulesAll

    Translation Issues

    There was a server error so this got posted twice. Sorry. It won't let me remove this one, so if any admin could please remove this duplicate thread for me? Thanks!
  6. LoveRulesAll

    Translation Issues

    I saw this little gem at engrish.com and had a hell of a laugh :tongue:
  7. LoveRulesAll

    Answer my question.....with a question

    You honestly can't tell that for yourself?
  8. LoveRulesAll

    Friendly Advice

    I personally don't see any reason not to peruse things now that the circumstances seem more sustainable for a relationship (the physical distance is much reduced), and you've both gone through your qualms and seem to have been able to move on from them. It sounds like there has obviously been a lot of love between you two ( I have been with my first cousin for years, and we also talk for hours each day over text and Skype and it never ever gets boring, so I am relating to your story a lot ). The only possible issue to me is if she decides she doesn't want to try to move beyond being just friends again. She could be at a place now where she doesn't want to rekindle that kind of relationship with you, but you certainly don't know unless you try, and it sounds totally worth trying to me!
  9. LoveRulesAll

    What is the breakdown of kinship in our relationships?

    I'm glad to be hearing replies, to go along with votes In response to the need to hide relationships: In the beginning, my lady and I were both on the same page of absolute secrecy, but as time went on and I settled more into the "my happiness is in my hands, not the opinions of others" state of mind, I got to where I couldn't care less about anyone's opinion and would be willing to have a completely open conversation with anyone about it. It is each person's place to cope with how they feel about their child or friend's decisions, not the child or friend's place to live their life based around how other people may feel about it. But my lady isn't to that point yet (we strongly believe a number of our shared family will be quite against it, so are in no hurry to let it out to them yet) and I completely understand and support her, so only a few select people know (ones I knew would be completely supportive, and having them in our corner is a major boost). I'm glad to be able to join in honest, intelligent discussion here :smiley:
  10. It seems that while any level of kinship has a tendency to be viewed negatively (in The States), closer degrees can bring about more heat from the unsupportive people in the world. Since I'm involved in a 1st Cousin relationship, it gives me the feeling that it is has highest chances to bring the top degree of negativity from my large family. I'm extremely appreciative of the support I have from the two people in my family I HAVE told, though (both of which are on my mother's side, as I expect the resistance to come from my father's side, which is also the shared side). This lead me to become curious at the breakdown of kinship in the relationships that come here to this site. I obviously can't cover all the levels in the poll, but there are enough options to provide interesting data if people are willing to respond =) I provided the ability to vote up-to three times, in case people have been in more than one relationship with cousins and would like to respond more than once.
  11. LoveRulesAll

    i need help

    I agree with LadyC. The whole cousin thing is irrelevant here, as it could be anyone you've known / been attracted to since childhood in this same situation. It will obviously be hard to separate yourself from them, but if you don't do that as much as you can, then the chances of dooming their relationship (and thus theirs with you in the process) are extremely high.
  12. Try to keep positive. I used-to think it would be "us against the world" as well, but my mother was extremely supportive from the moment I told her, because nothing can damage how much she loves me. "I'm just happy you found someone that makes you so happy!". On the other side of the family, even though I haven't told my step mother yet, I can tell from talks we've had that she is the same way and will be be "in my corner" when telling the half that I actually expect resistance from.
  13. LoveRulesAll

    Out of state mariages

    Thank you VERY much for the info (and time you spent on it for me) I had read the bit of the laws I found in a basic web search so knew that it was at least not considered incestious under the state laws, but I hadn't figured out the part about recognizing marriages performed out of state if they were not themselves legal to perform in the state. Your clarification reassures me that what I had figured/hoped/heard was correct. I had also thought about the Vegas thing like you mentioned, and was disappointed to see Nevada painted red on the map on this site. But that's fine, since I'm not a gambler and my lady HATES big cities and crowds anyway I think California would be most likely, or a state in the South East when we someday rent an RV and go on a Walkabout. Thanks again for the info. If you could use a hand with posting your plethora of info down the road or a related task, feel free to reach out to me. I'm pretty hand with 'puters.
  14. "I Want Crazy", by Hunter Hayes "I wanna be scared, don't wanna know why, wanna feel good, don't have to be right. The world makes all kinds of rules for love, I say you gotta let it do what it does!"
  15. As much as I want to be the one reply in the "13 and younger" category, it is a little difficult to say whether or not feelings at that age are truly "love" or not. I certainly had a crush on my cousin by the time I was about 7, and she was the first girl I ever had a crush on. By 13 or 14 I was QUITE smitten with her, but only ever got to see her about a dozen times each year of my childhood and stopped altogether around the time I was 18. Fast-forward to about 33 years old, and we re-enter each other's lives. Just like no time had passed, we were best friends, playful, and perfectly meshed. People always commented on how great we got along both as children and as adults, even though we live in different cities. And it wasn't more than a couple months before I could tell which way a late-night conversation was going, and helped lead it down that path. It turns-out, we were each other's first crush, and are deeply in love. It's been two years knowing, and just keeps getting better and better. So, I could say I've loved her basically my whole life, but it wasn't confirmed until 33.