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  1. I started a new topic in Jokes And Humor and attempted to upload an image with it, but it failed. I hit the "File is too large" warning, but the file is only 102kb, FAR smaller than the 2MB limit. I attempted to edit the post (since it apparently created anyway), and still will not allow me to upload the image. As a Software Tester by trade, I knew the message could be incorrect and the actual issue could be something else, so I removed dashes from the file name, as well as placed it into a very short and easy directory path (now, C:\Temp\identical.jpg), and even tried re-saving it as a .png
  2. Thanks for the help! SOMEday I'll be able to actually post in the "Our Story" section (can't wait for that day; still hoping no more than a year out), but for now I'll just post some humor here and there as I find it I have a thing for self-deprecating humor, lol
  3. There was a server error so this got posted twice. Sorry. It won't let me remove this one, so if any admin could please remove this duplicate thread for me? Thanks!
  4. I saw this little gem at engrish.com and had a hell of a laugh :tongue:
  5. You honestly can't tell that for yourself?
  6. My girl and I are still pretty far off from the point of coming out to the fam, so we have to keep it on the down-low when we meet, but we've been together for some time and mesh perfectly so when this came across her feed she laughed and showed it to me. I thought it was just as funny as she did =)
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