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  1. Hi, I am the mother of a daughter in a relationship with her first cousin(my sister's son). I know it is not against biblical laws. My problem is my family. Some are religious fanatics who really know nothing about the bible, but think they do. I even tried to show them in their own scripture books how it is not against God's Laws to no avail. I had to remove myself and my children also stopped going to family functions for a whole year. My niece and nephews publicly posted on fb our argument concerning this issue. I was so angry. I still find it difficult to be around my family. But this year i was determined to get my family together again. At Thanksgiving my daughter and nephew were not together because of arguing. That is my biggest concern, they argue a good bit and break up for awhile. They are both head strong and i feel that my nephew is very possessive. I have even had conversations with my sister concerning this. Her husband has always been very possessive of her, not allowing her any or much personal freedom. I was also in a very bad situation in a relationship and it scares me to death that my daughter is walking in my footsteps. Like Mother, like Daughter. I have spoken to my daughter at length about this issue as well. Just this past week i hosted the Christmas Party for our family. The whole family attended with the exception of one brother and some nieces and nephews who don't participate in Christmas or are just too far away to be here. I feel we have moved to a better place. I believe maybe they have all looked more into this issue and maybe have found a better understanding of the relationship. I have always taught my children to be tolerant of others. Love doesn't come in one option. It is universal and colorless. It is delicate. I am glad I found your site, as I have gained a greater understanding from reading the documentation and information included. Thank you for allowing me to join. I hope to help get rid of this ridiculous taboo. Eileen