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    So, I told my second cousin I had feelings for her. All she said was haha. I then repeated it and was more specific. She said Ohmygosh... I know it's not a lot of information to go by, but what do ya'll think?
  2. Soranootoshimono

    Cousins and religion?

    Do you guys think there is any correlation between religion and acceptance of cousin marriage? For example jews and muslims are usually more accepting of cousin marriage. But christians tend to be less accepting. Atheists are the least accepting of cousin marriage. This is just my observation from my 17 years of life. Any thoughts?
  3. Soranootoshimono

    Second Cousin

    My dad is against it. But was merely joking. But my mom is in full support of it. But it's not her side of the family too.
  4. Soranootoshimono

    Second Cousin

    Umm well she's caught me checking her out a few times and she never says anything. Like when she's in a bikini etc. She does things like reach around my back and poke me. Just playful stuff. last time we hung out I caught her staring at my lower face. Lips maybe? She laid her head on my shoulder a few years ago in the car. Her and I are the closest out of her immediate family.
  5. Soranootoshimono

    Second Cousin

    Hello, I am 17 years old and I have the biggest crush on my second cousin. She is 19 and absolutely gorgeous. Ive liked her ever since I was 11. I would love to date her but the problem is what her reaction might be. I don`t want to tell her that I like her and then have her get offended and disgusted by me and think I`m incestous. I talked to my father about it and he seemed to think that she would get offended by it and that it would ruin our friendship forever. My dad once made a comment to her older sister about how my brother and her were kissing cousins... She got incredibly offended and upset by the comment. Does that mean that her little sister aka the girl i like would get offended too? She`s been brought up in a traditional christian family and still lives at home. Should I talk to her about my feelings?