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  1. I love and appreciate how candid you are! You don't sound harsh at all. If I could bring my closest friends on here and have them give a character statement about myself, each of them would tell you that my cousin comes in second to my husband at all times. Everyone around us can see that plainly. I swear, I have my head screwed on the right way. The cousin does, in fact, live with us. I'm not sure why you had it italicized, but he's in the house with us. He's 40 and working on his bachelor's degree in accounting at our local university and we're allowing him to live here rent free so that
  2. Hi! Thanks for the welcome! He and I get a good bit of physical interaction, but not sexual interaction. We hug a lot and he'll rub my neck, back, or feet if I'm sore. I'll rub his feet after he's had a hard day on them all day every now and then. Anything sexual, though, would cross the lines that my husband and I agreed to and I wouldn't dare hurt him in any way. My cousin is such a phenomenal part of our household and my husband and he have a great friendship. It's different, but it works for us.
  3. Hello, all! I'm a Newbie. I didn't see an Introductions thread, so I'll just jump right on in...hope that's ok? I won't lie...I'm a bit nervous, so please don't flame me too bad? Firstly, I want to start off by saying that I'm not sure we entirely fit in exactly here. I'm so happy this forum is available, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories and, in one thread, I even got the names of some books that I've already ordered off Amazon. I can't wait to get them and to dive into them! I'm also enjoying the poems and short stories board. Our Story: My first cousin and I are Sou
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