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  1. Disorganized religion isn't for everyone, but for those of us who practice it, it works very well thanks :smiley:
  2. Thanks :smiley: I think it's because most (not all) nonbelievers have a chip on their shoulders involving the churches & don't want anything to do with them. I have no misgivings towards the church or religion, I just don't believe in it.
  3. I'm so sad, today was out last day for open burning of the season so from now on all my grilling will have to be in an actual grill. We didn't even bother putting a firepit because there are so many regulations regarding burning that it just wasn't worth it ( yes I respect the fact that we chose to move to this desert-area & the rules are put into place for our safety, but for a girl from swampy Pennsylvania - it's frustrating ) I cannot wait to move to somewhere that it rains lol
  4. I'm always afraid to cook chicken in a slow cooker, growing up I was always warned they didn't get hot enough for chicken. I know logically it's BS but I can't get passed it.
  5. While I do not follow the Christian religion, as a child I attended (attended/forced to attend, whatevs..) church(es) with my family. Since I was never overly concerned about listening to the pastor's sermon, I spent my time watching the goings on around me instead (& hating the dresses I was put in, again..whatevs). While I can't say going to church helped save me from the damnation I was threatened with, I did learn a few things about organized religion. 1) People with a sour taste towards organized religion have most likely attended a bad church. This was the eventual downfall of my
  6. The divorce rates in the united states are over 50% for fIrst marriages (2nds are higher) are spouses disposable?
  7. #2 would probably drive me crazy on a sleepless night. No, by an off day I mean a day that I try to do #1 & my brain just won't shut up lol. Or if something is really bothering me, it helps to just follow the thought & see where it goes.. Have you ever seen the movie Wild? There's a part where she says something about going to most of the places in her head that she didn't want to go to, #2 is kind of like that. It's usually a thought that I would normally push aside because it's not something I want to think about (e.g. Mother's Day is coming up soon & my mom is gone) but if
  8. Americans are more likely to give you favorite foods that are regionally based rather than country-wide. I'd guess this has something to do with traditional meals still being passed down from our grandparents who (depending on where they migrated from) ended up in different areas of the country. I'm was born & raised in Pennsylvania so a lot of the foods we ate were Dutch in origin. My favorites though? Dutch Corn Pie Pickled Red Eggs (the kind with beets) Monkey Bread Corn Cob Jelly on homemade bread Perogies (potato & cheese!) Pepperoni Rolls (cannot find them wher
  9. There are dozens if not hundreds (if you count off-shoots) of kinds of meditation. How do I do it? That depends on how I feel that day. Most of the time I utilize a focused path, where I visualize a certain image (a color, a tree, a house..anything really but usually a tree) & focus on it for a set time. If my thoughts stray (& they will) I make an effort to stop the thought & go back to what I was focusing on. (This I've found is WAY easier with ambient sounds to focus on) If I am having a particularly off day I will forget about focusing on anything & just follow my th
  10. It's from vaping, which is how eciggs work. My partners sister uses eciggs & she had the same problem. I can't remember what was the solution to her problem but if you Google your symptoms I'm sure someone's got your answer.
  11. LadyC - No I meant how do you meditate, not why. People meditate for several different reasons, like you do it for your relationship with God, I do it for self awareness, clearing my mind & peace. Nessa - That's why I started, but even after I removed most of my stressers I kept at it.
  12. I've been meditating regularly for a while now & I've always tried to do it in silence, but it never works & I almost always end up frustrated when I finish. So I gave in today & got an ambient noise app to play during & I've got to say I LOVE IT! For the first time that I can remember I was able to sit an entire session & not have to try to keep my head clear. It's so much easier to just listen to the rainfall or the beach waves & just relax! The app I got has a bunch of different sounds, a timer & even has controls to regulate what you hear (want to hear a str
  13. I replied but it's not there, so it was either too explicit (sorry!) or it was because I got a call in the middle of replying & my phone booted me...so I'll just put it this way... Have you ever had a partner who was very bad in bed? Just plain flat out vanilla, lasts 3mins, quiet, boring sex? That's my neighbors. & don't you know that scratches & hickeys stay in the 'under clothing' areas?? Jeez. But seriously we've all ended up with 'the tell tail marks', I walked around with bruises on my wrists for a week before I learned the washcloth trick lol
  14. I'm not usually shy either but I happen to know these particular neighbors are bad at having sex (I'm not the only one who's left the window open..).
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