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  1. csg

    Paul Washer dating advice

    Nope. Paul Washer is american, the one I mentioned in the other thread is from my country, Brazil. His name is João, which is the portuguese version of John.
  2. "To flee the evil desires of youth" (a.k.a fornication a.k.a sex before marriage :evil: ), christian preacher Paul Washer gave the following advice : "Guys, you are not to ever be alone with a girl, unless she is your grandmother, your mother, your aunt, your sister, or a very very ugly cousin" :grin: everyone laughed out loudly after that 4:15 in this video (english audio, portuguese subtitles)
  3. -- Sorry for bad english, I'm brazillian. My story is not interesting (I had a crush on my pretty cousin, but nothing came out of it. The End. LOL), what I really want to tell is the story of a couple that I know, J (a pastor) and his cousin M. Many many years ago, when J was still a single man and a seminarist, J's cousin M tried to set up J and one of her friends to go to some church dinner. But he told her he wanted HER to go with him, not her friend. She at first said she was very mad with him, but he said to her "ok, so I'll go with your friend", then she changed her mind LOL They started to date and eventually married. All of their children and grandchildren are 100% healthy. How do I know their personal story? Am I his grandson or a member of their family? Nope. I used to be a member of his church (and it's a very big church, like one thousand members), and he told this story more than once in the pulpit! I mean, here a pastor is not ashamed to tell hundreds of people that he is married to his cousin, while in the United States cousin marriage isn't even legal in all states. There's even a (half-dirty) joke in my country "prima não é parente, é presente" that means "cousin (refering to a female cousin) is not a relative, it's a gift". Of course, there is always someone who will hate on cousins, but it's not common to find that someone. I feel sorry for the prejudice you guys face, and wish american society would treat you with half the respect that they treat gay couples nowadays.