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  1. Mloclam, the next word should start with H, it's in alphabetical order :grin: Hatch
  2. Did your partner tell you the whole story about the Cylon Wars and the brave men and women aboard Galactica leading the survivors from the 12 Colonies to Earth? :grin: :grin: Sorry, couldn't help it Refering to the topic, I think the term "nonbeliever" is inaccurate. Everyone believes in something, be it religion, or science, or religion AND science, or even aliens. While I have uttermost respect for Christianity as the religion of my family, I do have a personal identification with the oldest monotheistic religion in the world, Judaism, in the form of the Noahide Movement (which is basically Judaism for non jews - like a jewish version of Acts 15:20)
  3. Nope. Paul Washer is american, the one I mentioned in the other thread is from my country, Brazil. His name is João, which is the portuguese version of John.
  4. "To flee the evil desires of youth" (a.k.a fornication a.k.a sex before marriage :evil: ), christian preacher Paul Washer gave the following advice : "Guys, you are not to ever be alone with a girl, unless she is your grandmother, your mother, your aunt, your sister, or a very very ugly cousin" :grin: everyone laughed out loudly after that 4:15 in this video (english audio, portuguese subtitles)
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