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  1. This site has everything you need regarding advice on cousin relationships and much more. No topic is not discussed here, and how reassuring is that? For my love I moved cities with my children, (admittedly, his city is much nicer) travelled soooo many miles by car and bus to maintain our ldr, as did he. Racked up
  2. Pink Floyd is my all time favourite. I'll never get enough of Tracy Chapman or Nina Simone either. Loads of English bands such as Maximo Park, and The Manic street preachers....they're pretty recent though. Could go on and on!
  3. Hi Baliber. I am pregnant with my cousins child, currently 22 weeks and all is perfectly fine! Here in the UK it's not very likely anyone would go to a doctor before getting pregnant unless they have medical issues that may affect a pregnancy. We have a scan at 12 weeks and blood tests to determine any issues. We had none, and my 20 week anomaly ultrasound revealed a healthy, happy baby. If you want piece of mind, go see a doctor of course, but I think you'll find all will be well. Good luck to the both of you on your journey. Keep us posted! X
  4. A favourite English dish of mine is toad in the hole, or sausages and Yorkshire pudding. The sausages are cooked within the pudding batter and when filled with roasted veg and gravy is simply a delight!
  5. If you decide to roast another bird, Nessa, here's a little tip. Roast the chicken breast side down, and there's no need to cover or baste it. The fattiest part of the chicken is underneath so as it roasts the juices run down into the breast, making it moist and succulent. Plus you get nice crispy skin around the thighs and leg. Yum!
  6. Thank you also, totallynormal. I'll look that up. Do you just eat it as is? Or add to food?
  7. Yes, I did in the first trimester, and now I'm taking pregnancy supplements if I feel on any particular day that my diet has lacked adequate nutrition. Luckily for me I'm not craving any 'bad' stuff....yet! Fruit and veg really agree with me, as does dry stuff like trail mix etc. The smoothies sound delicious, Lady C, I'll definitely try those.
  8. Not many Britons on here. Nice to 'see' a fellow countrywoman.
  9. We call a sidewalk a kerb, my cousins from Oregon and I love to laugh about these things.
  10. Hi. Normally I love my meat but pregnancy has put the blockers on this. At the moment I can't stand the stuff! So any protein rich, but meat free recipes would be greatly appreciated! K x
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