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  1. I'm in AZ too hope you are starting to enjoy the cooler weather.
  2. Is it possible to just spend time together getting to know each other while enjoying each others company ?? The more time you spend together you'll know what is in your heart making your choices more clear. Try to put the guilt part out of your head. Enjoy what you have and feel.
  3. Unique

    I need help, don't know what to do

    It appears like he is hurt trying to shut you out of his heart and mind. Sounds like you need to see each other face to face and sort through it all in person. If you to come to terms could you say with him and while working on his papers to live in England if he wants too ? If you don't try it'll always haunt you.
  4. Not here to chime in on the moral debate/comments. I too have the same feelings and it doesn't go way with time. The bond part as you worded is the same feeling I have and very hard explain to folks that haven't felt it. Especially if you have spent your life looking for it. You'll always wonder "what if" if you don't follow through on what you started.
  5. It would be great for folks to posted their success stories. I think it would help/inspire folks going through the their cousin trials and tribulations.
  6. Unique

    I told my cousin but now I'm so confused

    Please keep us posted as to how things progress with your favorite cuz :wink:
  7. Unique

    I told my cousin but now I'm so confused

    She is saying yes to spending time together and dropping the hint....she misses you. As Lady C says pretty transparent in a very positive way. You probably won't get any more romantic info from her until you spend time together. Probably isn't going to put herself out there much more until the one on one time happens. Just keep the lines of communication going until then.
  8. Unique

    a second chance

    With my cousin we were at a Bed and Breakfast. She tended to get very vocal during the critical moments. In the morning she was very embarrassed to do the walk of shame and eat breakfast with all the other guests.
  9. Unique

    a second chance

    Ok, Mr Toot Toot now we know you had a good time :smiley:
  10. Unique

    a second chance

    Lol, the walk of shame to the front count during check out. Then your lady probably had that certain "glow" of happiness at the family function that had people scratching their heads.
  11. Unique

    She's Wonderful

    She sounds like a keeper and great women :smiley: :smiley:
  12. Unique

    Can't stand the pain any more.

    It is a great place to vent and think out loud. Glad to see you are trying to move on. You sound like you are young enough to have time to find that special someone.
  13. Unique

    a second chance

    It is good to see a little humor here.
  14. Unique

    almost happy ending

    Thanks for sharing your detailed story. Sad to hear you want to be together but can't. Would it be helpful to write down some goals you both feel needed to get back together ??? Working together towards these goals might be helpful.