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  1. It would be great for folks to posted their success stories. I think it would help/inspire folks going through the their cousin trials and tribulations.
  2. With my cousin we were at a Bed and Breakfast. She tended to get very vocal during the critical moments. In the morning she was very embarrassed to do the walk of shame and eat breakfast with all the other guests.
  3. Ok, Mr Toot Toot now we know you had a good time :smiley:
  4. Lol, the walk of shame to the front count during check out. Then your lady probably had that certain "glow" of happiness at the family function that had people scratching their heads.
  5. She sounds like a keeper and great women :smiley: :smiley:
  6. It is good to see a little humor here.
  7. Thanks for sharing your detailed story. Sad to hear you want to be together but can't. Would it be helpful to write down some goals you both feel needed to get back together ??? Working together towards these goals might be helpful.
  8. Getting caught up on all those I Love Lucy and Leave it to Beaver reruns I assume :wink: :wink:
  9. Snake that is awesome, glad to hear it is moving forward in a positive direction !! Now another hard part is being separated when you feel that way. I assume when you say you spent Thursday and Friday night together it was with more than just a firm handshake.
  10. Is there any reason you would not want to teach him Spanish and get to know him better ??
  11. Sounds like things are sailing right along in a good way. I'm sure as time goes on she'll be more at ease with the whole thing. Your family might know a little more than you think. Sometimes kids will inadvertently spill the beans on things, especially if you are all living together.
  12. Great news !! Glad to hear she was able to express herself to you finally. Must be a great feeling !! What is the next step ??
  13. Sounds like were are in similar situations. If your weekend goes like mine did it'll knock your socks off. You'll be amazed at the overall connection. The anticipation part is extremely tough. Then after the weekend being apart will be very hard. If she lives in a different state how are you spending so much time with her ??
  14. I have the same thing going on. I have the same scary being a like thing going on with my cousin.....it is a great feeling. It is a connection I have never felt with anyone before. What are your next steps in the relationship ??
  15. Snake - please keep us posted sounds like when you get your lives sorted out you'll be very happy together. Isn't it amazing the instant attraction you can have and know it is just right ??
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