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  1. snake

    a second chance

    No KC, we did take our vows seriously. Unfortunately our spouses didnt. We were both stuck in lloveless marriages that were beyond repair. And I say beyond repair, because regardless of how hard you try, one person can not save a broken marriage. My wife refused to try, and my loves husband refused to try. Rather than accepting their share of the responsibility they choose to blame us for the all the failures associated with our marriages. Unfortunately I believe this is a common feeling among society today. Too many people have little regard for the sanctity of marriage. I've have tried for about 4 or 5 years now, to work things out with my wife. I can no longer remain miserable. I refuse to devote myself, my time or my effort to someone who could care less about me. I am absolutely to blame. As this is my first marriage, I should have known there was an issue when I found out she had been married 3 times previously. But like a blind fool, I assumed things would be different with me. Call it, young, dumb, and hopefull. I do not take marriage lightly, and neither does my current love. That is why we have decided that, if we do get married again (whether to each other or someone else), we will be sure it is the last time. As for an update on us. We have fallen head over heels. I'm sure those of you that have the type of relationship can relate. It is amazing. Neither of us ever imagined it possible to have such a complete and absolute, need, or want for someone. The kind of unconditional absolute love that is unyielding. We have decided the family will find out, when they find out. We aren't going to hide our relationship, but we aren't announcing it either. We have also begun planning to move in together. Since she lives in another state, we are looking for a location conveniently spaced between our family where we can be as close as possible to both sides. When all that can be arranged (we are hoping by the end of the year), then we shall progress with our union. The future is looking very bright for us. KC, I understand your feelings. I appreciate and respect your opinion. However, it's always best to know the full story before you insert your foot in your mouth. I'd love to chat with you sometime. (Not argue or fight) I think you would understand why we have chosen the path that we have. We both tried very hard to fight for what we had with our spouses. Unfortunately it seems the feelings we thought were mutual, we're not.
  2. snake

    a second chance

    That is horrible! I feel sorry for both of them.......
  3. snake

    a second chance

    Well, not to "toot my own horn", but she was all smiles! The family thinks she has a local boyfriend she isn't telling them about. And they also think I have a new girlfriend I'm not telling them about. (She left scratches and hickies all over my neck). They just haven't made the connection. Lol. And dude! How can your neighbors be " bad at sex"? How is that possible? Lol
  4. snake

    a second chance

    I guess I'm just not all that shy about it. I don't care who hears me. She was pretty loud too. That might explain why the guy at the front desk kept smiling at us so much, and the lady up there was blushing!
  5. snake

    a second chance

    Well.....getting caught up....for sure! But the tv was never turned on, not even for a second!
  6. snake

    a second chance

    Lol, well, let's just leave it at.......we got a hotel together away from the family!
  7. Being 37, I probably dont have as much experience as some of you. My musical tastes however, are extremely wide and varied. I love classical, Chopin, Mozart, Handel.....amazing. I also listen to some a lot of people consider strange, bjork, portishead. I love classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, and punk. I absolutely love anything with a good guitar. The guitar speaks to my soul. Steel guitar, punk guitar, heavy metal or blues. Eric Clapton, is amazing, as well as buddy guy, Stevie ray Vaughn. If it has a good guitar, I love it. Lately I'm addicted to volbeat.
  8. snake

    does anybody here play clash of clans?

    I do play. Never thought about creating a clan. I'm part of one now tho......
  9. snake

    a second chance

    So just an update on my situation. My lovely cousin and I had an amazing weekend together. She arrived Thursday night, we spent the night together. We spent Friday together, and Friday night as well. Saturday we went to her grandmothers, (my great aunts), and just hung out with family. And Sunday we spent easter together with the family. She is reluctant to let anyone in on our little secret for now. So we kept everything very "appropriate". However she did express her love for me many times over the weekend. Her daughter, who is 9, has also somehow developed a strong attraction to me. And cried herself to sleep on their drive home, because she didnt want to leave me. All in all, I am madly in love with her, and she appears to be with me as well. We have agreed to keep it our little secret for now. But I'm dying to let it all out. I'll play the game for now. As we have begun to discuss our future together, how long to keep our secret, and when we will ultimately decide to let everyone know. Until then, I have met my soul mate. I have never been happier in my life. You all have been a great inspiration to me. I hope to have more wonderful news for you all soon.
  10. snake

    I love my second cousin.

    Make the call! If you have to, tell her you want to take her out to dinner before she leaves. If you wait now, you could loose her forever. Stop procrastinating and do it. You have everything to gain, and everything to loose. Inaction will be your downfall!
  11. snake

    I love my second cousin.

    I agree with hawk. Don't know that I would suggest her inviting a potential rival to the party tho. If there is someone else, and she is as shy and reserved as you say, she may 1. Get very uncomfortable. Or 2. Avoid the event altogether. My suggestion would be, take her out. Have her meet you for lunch. Then drop the bomb on her. She could go either way. However, if you never ask, you'll never know.
  12. snake

    issue with my sibling re my partner

    I believe you are correct. However, you will never know if you don't try.
  13. snake

    I really need your help guys :(

    Spear said it best. "When you find someone that makes your heart skip a beat, stop the search and take the risk!?
  14. snake

    issue with my sibling re my partner

    Jealousy is such an ugly thing. Depending on how close you ar, or feel to your sister, perhaps you should sit down with her. Discuss in detail why, and how things came to be. Also reassure her that your feelongs for your cousin and his for you, have no effect on your relationship with with her, or hers with him. Be sure to ask her how she feels. Be honest. And I would also address the fact that she appears jealous....(tread lightly though). If the issue with her can't be resolved.....then you have a hard decision to make. Personally I have already decided that when the time comes to disclose my relationship to my family, those who don't accept, or look down upon us, can take a long walk off a short bridge. My love for my cousin is more important to me than hurting their feelings.