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  1. No KC, we did take our vows seriously. Unfortunately our spouses didnt. We were both stuck in lloveless marriages that were beyond repair. And I say beyond repair, because regardless of how hard you try, one person can not save a broken marriage. My wife refused to try, and my loves husband refused to try. Rather than accepting their share of the responsibility they choose to blame us for the all the failures associated with our marriages. Unfortunately I believe this is a common feeling among society today. Too many people have little regard for the sanctity of marriage. I've have tried for
  2. That is horrible! I feel sorry for both of them.......
  3. Well, not to "toot my own horn", but she was all smiles! The family thinks she has a local boyfriend she isn't telling them about. And they also think I have a new girlfriend I'm not telling them about. (She left scratches and hickies all over my neck). They just haven't made the connection. Lol. And dude! How can your neighbors be " bad at sex"? How is that possible? Lol
  4. I guess I'm just not all that shy about it. I don't care who hears me. She was pretty loud too. That might explain why the guy at the front desk kept smiling at us so much, and the lady up there was blushing!
  5. Well.....getting caught up....for sure! But the tv was never turned on, not even for a second!
  6. Lol, well, let's just leave it at.......we got a hotel together away from the family!
  7. Being 37, I probably dont have as much experience as some of you. My musical tastes however, are extremely wide and varied. I love classical, Chopin, Mozart, Handel.....amazing. I also listen to some a lot of people consider strange, bjork, portishead. I love classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, and punk. I absolutely love anything with a good guitar. The guitar speaks to my soul. Steel guitar, punk guitar, heavy metal or blues. Eric Clapton, is amazing, as well as buddy guy, Stevie ray Vaughn. If it has a good guitar, I love it. Lately I'm addicted to volbeat.
  8. I do play. Never thought about creating a clan. I'm part of one now tho......
  9. So just an update on my situation. My lovely cousin and I had an amazing weekend together. She arrived Thursday night, we spent the night together. We spent Friday together, and Friday night as well. Saturday we went to her grandmothers, (my great aunts), and just hung out with family. And Sunday we spent easter together with the family. She is reluctant to let anyone in on our little secret for now. So we kept everything very "appropriate". However she did express her love for me many times over the weekend. Her daughter, who is 9, has also somehow developed a strong attraction to me. And cri
  10. I am very different. I believe in something. Not so much any bible. Let's be honest. For starters, all the bibles were written by man. I Don not judge. Most religious people are awesome, kind hearted people. Some are crazy fanatics. I am becoming more and more interested in the ancient alien theory. (I know, now I'm the weirdo). But even in some of your bibles they speak of "strange occurrences" that have nothing to do with god. Perhaps there is a god out there. And perhaps the ancient alien theory is correct as well. That would explain so much of our strange history. Who knows? All I can say
  11. Skype, phone, text, and emails. We are in constant contact, every waking moment.
  12. She currently lives in another state. So at the moment we are planning reasons to see each other, lol. We are going away for the weekend next week just the 2 of us. The anticipation is killing us right now. We text and talk all day and all night. Most of the time with friends and family around us. I'm surprised we haven't got busted yet! Lol
  13. It is absolutely perfect. We talk every day, all day, and all night. We are constantly in touch. We are so much alike it's scary. And we have determined that our feelings are very mutual. We are both happier than either of us have ever been with anyone.
  14. Is it sad that as a 37 y/o military man, in love with my cousin, that this story nearly brought me to tears? I wish you the best of luck. Don't ever give up hope or love!
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