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    Not Sure What To Do

    I have been having daily panic attacks..i don't know if I should let this continue and just "go with the flow" or cut it off now before I get really hurt by this situation. I don't want to get more and more emotionally invested into something that will never grow into what I want in the long-term. (---> I don't think I've ever said those EXACT words to him so I'm going to write them down lol) He says he understands how I feel but he keeps telling me not to let my fears and thoughts of the future control me. He keeps saying that no one knows what the future will bring so why let it make me feel so panicked in the present? He says to just let things be and let them play out however they play out. He is very introverted which makes this even more difficult. He can't speak his mind/thoughts/feelings as easily as I can and it is EXTREMELY difficult for me if that tells ya anything. He gives me mixed signals constantly and I don't know how to read him at all! He'll say things like: why are you so worried? I've told you how I feel about you. And then I say...."yeah, you've told me things that directly contradict each other such as: 'I never want you out of my life' and also 'I know this can't go on forever'." to which his response was: "yes, that is true..i don't ever want to stop talking to you." ughhhhhhh this is torture! Part of me wonders if I could possibly miss out on something real because I'll be waiting forever for him to love/commit to me. I asked him yesterday if I should keep my options open and he said he isn't going to make that decision for me but that it would upset him if I was with someone else. I told him if he were a "regular guy" I wouldn't be so panicked because then it wouldn't be so hard to just let it play out but since he is my 2nd cousin it is just not that simple. I have to hide how I feel around everyone else. I can't talk to anyone about it. He said he doesn't get why it has to be that way and why I can't just let it play out like if it were any other guy I was dating. Sorry if this post is a run-on paragraph..i'm starting to freak out again.
  2. What2Do

    Not Sure What To Do

    I need advice because I'm falling in love with my second cousin and I don't know what to do. We are both in our late 20s, never knew each other growing up and have been attracted to one another since we met and started talking. It started out as just sex but we have been hanging out quite often lately and are starting to get really close on a deeper level. We talk everyday and all the other "normal" stuff that comes along with dating someone.....the problem is I don't know where this will lead or what the future holds and that scares me. I don't know if this will just lead to heartbreak for me and part of me questions if I should break it off now before I get too attached, or if I should just "go with the flow" and see what happens. Even the thought of telling the people in our family is terrifying......When I try to talk to him about how I feel and my fears he brushes it off and tells me not to worry.