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  1. Sun Walker

    Got the date!

    Everything was exactly the way I had dreamed it would be. All of the dresses, the arrangements, the banquet hall where we had the reception, everything. The moment we kissed, I felt like I was lighter than air. We spent the night last night at home, but we're leaving for our honeymoon this evening. I'll try to get some photos up soon.
  2. Sun Walker

    Got the date!

    One week away! Everything's all set up for this upcoming friday, all of the paperwork is done, the church and the wedding planner have talked and everything should be set up and ready to go there on friday. All it is now is waiting.
  3. Sun Walker

    Got the date!

    Yes! Only two more weeks! We got an attorney to take care of the paperwork, and most of that is done already. I'll be taking her name So close! I can hardly wait.
  4. Sun Walker

    Got the date!

    I can't believe our luck! We actually found a church to wed us! It isn't our regular, but at least they'll do it. They don't want us letting out details about what church it is, I'm guessing because they don't want too many people to hear of them marrying gays. Whatever the case, we found one. My cousin says she's going to give me the wedding of my dreams. October can't get here fast enough <3
  5. Sun Walker

    Any Christians out there?

    My cousin and myself are believers. We attend services every Sunday. One of my favorite stories from the bible is the one where all of the rich folks give amazing gifts but the poor old woman gives only a little. She gave more because while the rich folks gave more overall, they gave from their wealth. She gave from her poverty. It really spoke to me.
  6. Sun Walker

    Got the date!

    We are a gay cousin couple, yes. We would never ask anyone to change or give anything up, especially anyone with a religious institution, and people who get mad because someone doesn't want to do it because of a difference in beliefs are terrible. "Oh, you don't want to marry gay people? I think I should sue you." That directly opposes separation of church and state, in my opinion, having the state force a church or other house of worship to do something they don't want to. We have gone to a few churches nearby to ask if they could marry us when the date comes up, and so far all of them have said no, simply because we are gay. What I kind of liked was that they were all polite in their refusals. If we can't find a church to wed us, we'll just go with the JOP. And yes, we will make sure they're okay with marrying us. I know legally, they're obliged to, but one thing my cousin has stood by is everyone's right to their own opinion, even if it conflicts with her own and I stand by her 100% on that. We're going to another church today to ask them. Here's hoping they say yes
  7. Sun Walker

    Got the date!

    We're wondering if we should get a JOP or try a church wedding. The JOP might be the way to go, since not all churches approve of gays marrying.
  8. Sun Walker

    Got the date!

    My wonderful cousin and I have the date worked out for our wedding. Friday, October 16th this year. October can't get here fast enough. We have a few other things to line up before then, but we have plenty of time to get everything ready.
  9. It felt special. Like special in a way I can't really describe. We were sitting on her front porch and kissed, and everything just felt right.
  10. Sun Walker

    American Sniper

    I've seen both American Sniper and Zero Dark Thirty with my cousin. I loved both movies. They hit home for her a bit. She was an officer in the Army. A Major (O4), and she was with the 25th infantry division, as a cultural adviser. Though she was never assigned to a direct combat role, her unit did come under fire a couple of times. She said she was hit in the chest and abdomen, but thankfully her vest caught them. She's taken me to gun ranges to teach me how to shoot better. One of her friends even got his instructor who was Spetsnaz (Russian special forces) to show me a couple of things. I'm happy to have someone like her in my life.
  11. Sun Walker

    How does your cousin make you feel

    My cousin makes me feel like an angel <3
  12. Sun Walker

    New person on board

    I didn't see a place to put my introduction, but here I am I'm a student of the Law School at the college of William and Mary, and I'm currently in a committed relationship with my cousin. She treats me like I'm worth my weight in gold, and I also love her dearly. When we came out that we were dating to the family, not everyone was very happy about it. When I told everyone at school, the other students were cool with it. While we were out on a date a little while back, I proposed to her and she said yes. Since Virginia also allows same sex marriages now, we can be married without having to go out of state. That's my introduction. Glad to be here!