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  1. Hi all. Its been awhile since we have posted but wanted to give an update. We have been together for 10 years now have 2 beautiful children and 1 on the way (Last one wife says lol). Its been a hard road getting to this point and, living in Texas, i still have some fears. I want to move out of state to not have to worry but we do have family and friends here we are close to so the decision has been tough. We are now into our "Adulting Years" and are now planning on buying our first home and have been investing and saving as much as possible to make that dream a reality. There are so many questions i have that are hard to have answered in my state. How can i put my kids on the life insurance policy as beneficiaries when it asks for the beneficiaries relationship to me? What about my wife (Not legally married since we live in Texas)? How can i add either my children or my wife to my employers health insurance as again we arent legally married and i couldnt sign my name on the birth certificate for my children? Tax returns have also been stressful filling out here as we arent ever 100% sure how to claim dependents and head of household credits. All in all things have been great but there are several things that make it difficult especially in this state. I more wanted to post an update but welcome any advice or questions anyone has.
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