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  1. Because of my grandmother's reaction, I have not told my mother yet. I guess that's kind of bad but my heart can only take so much criticism at one time. My mother suspects a relationship but has never confronted me. My grandmother has an evil twin & the evil twin has evil in her heart & her offspring! Honestly, the most judge mental people I have ever met in my life. Anyways, I think it will just take time. I've always been the straight A student, homecoming queen, good at sports, high expectation child/grandchild, and the oldest grandchild. I feel like more of a disappointment than anything. It's absolutely a social taboo here being from the south AND being raised AND confirmed Catholic.

  2. Well, my second cousin & I have been dating for a year & a half now. I didn't know that he even existed until I was 16 & we met like any normal teenagers & instantly fell in love. A few weeks after we met, we found out that his grandfather (deceased) & my grandmother (alive) are brother/sister. I am now 20 & he is now 22 years old. We have been living together for 1 year now. His father, mother, sisters, & mother's family knows & approves of our relationship. My father (my parents are divorced & do not speak), his family, & my sister know about us & love him as my boyfriend. We have discussed getting married & knew that now had to be the time to tell my mom & grandmother. My grandmother thinks that it is absolutely disgusting & told me that "I will have mentally disabled children". Although my research says that we will NOT have disabled children, it really wasn't worth the fight. She also told me that he is NOT welcome at any family function & I need to forget about him & move on to "bigger & better things". I've made up my mind that I am not going to abandon the man of my dreams because of disapproval & a few nasty words.

    I am reaching out to all of you for advice of coping with family members saying nasty things & not being present at our wedding.

    Also, how to cope with our future children in whether to allow them to see the family members who told me that my children would be "mentally disabled".

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