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  1. It's a really difficult situation, like can I still date other girls? Or do I wait around. If I date other girls now she going to think to herself, this idiot just told me he loves me but here he is sleeping around with others and that's just going to destroy all my chances with her. She's never slept with a guy and dislikes guys that sleep around with others but the only reason I used to do that is becomes i knew it was hopeless for her and I to ever be together. Haven't been doing all that for a while now but ahh I don't know what to do.
  2. So we had another conversation last night. We went into detail on how I feel about her and she started to cry. I asked her why she was crying and she said that she loves and cares about me but she hates the fact that I feel more towards her and she doesn't, she feels bad that I love her but she doesn't. We decided that our relationship will still remain strong and she made it very clear that she wouldn't want to loose me not just as a cousin but as a friend. This has pretty much made things clear for me that she has no romantic feelings towards me and I'm pretty sure it will remain this way. What do use think?
  3. Kylie123 definitely do appreciate the help it's been very helpful, would have been totally lost without this website. Iv got another update. Last night she called me and we went out for coffee. She opened the topic of my "feelings". Il keep it short, she basically told me she doesn't want anything unsaid and that she doesn't want to do nothing wrong my me, meaning that if its hard to be around her then we can put some distance inbetween us. She doesn't want to but if I would like to she's happy to suck it up and do it. She also mention how much she loves and cares about me and that she wouldn't know what to do if she lost me. I told her all I want is for her to be happy and nothing else. We are still as close as ever if not closer. Do you think she migh warm up to the idea of being in a relationship with her cousin? Or will it stay the way it is, which isn't a problem but obviously would love for it to be much more. Also forgot to mention we come from a Turkish background, so my father and mother are cousins and I have a few more relatives that are also cousins if that helps, her parents arnt though.
  4. Thank you both kylie123 and hawk for your responses really appreciate it. I am definitely going to take your advice and give that a go. Going to be patient and keep the current relationship that we have as solid as possible, even if she never changes her mind tuff luck I guess but if she does do as you say.... Well then I will be over the moon! If everything goes well, il come back here and share my own complete story. Thanks again
  5. Update The other day we went to the beach and she mentioned my feelings towards her. I specifically acted a little upset when she brought up the topic to see how she would react, she ended up being upset back at me. So later that night I texted her this. I'm sorry for upsetting you today, it was not my intention. You mean a lot to me I hate to see you upset especially when I'm the cause. Well then again when ever your upset it's usually because of me. The reason why I was little upset was not your fault, it was me. I just don't like talking about the topic of my feelings. The feelings are obviously not mutual and sometimes I wish I hadn't said anything. Let's just not open this topic up again. Im sure we will both find someone awesome some day, even though koray is pretty awesome ? gnight xx Then she replied Thats ok, apology accepted ☺️Im sorry for not understanding that and being so pushy.. thats ok, as long as you dont want to talk about it i wont bring it up, i promise. I will just say though that I definitely dont want you to regret opening up about it.. You know how much i love and care about you, and i wouldnt want you to have to hide things from me.. Yeah it does play in the back of my mind sometimes but it doesnt change anything for me, youre still the same (my name) to me.. Difficult and stubborn but damn caring, generous, and fun to be around. I just brought it up today cause i wanted to make sure i wasnt doing anything wrong by you. But from now on my lips are sealed. Haha and yes koray is a great guy, guess just not the one for me! Sleep well xx What do use think?
  6. Thanks for the advice ladyc, I definitely don't won't to loose her freinship but I also don't want to leave it as just friends. I will be patient and when the right time comes along, il ask her if she's interested. Well her last relationship went for a few years. Been a year since they have broken up and she tells me that she's just sick of him. She grew tired of him being lazy jobless and not studying. The topic about relationships just pops up all the time randomly and it's definitely increased since I told her about my feelings a couple months back
  7. no, I don't think she flirts with me. I'm scared if I ask her questions like you said she might get wierd or push me away, it might just be too much.
  8. hey mate hopefully goes well for you. i told my cousin how i feel about her a couple months back. even though she seems like she doesn't feel the same way with me, we are still as close friends as we have ever been. good luck
  9. congrats mate, you have some serious balls making that move and it ending up the way it did.... just wow. if you don't mind can you give us more details on the relationship you both had before the kiss? would like to hear more about it as it might help with mine
  10. so iv looked all over this website and it has definitely help me a lot. I never thought to myself that id ever be able to tell my cousin how i feel about her, but i did. iv made this post becouse i need some help. Il start from the beginning. when i was really young, id say about 10 i developed a crush on her but i was never able to tell her until a couple months back. we are both in our early 20's, living in Australia. we see each other 2-3 times a week and one night we were sitting at a park just chatting. then i told her theirs something iv always wanted to tell you but never have been able to, so she sat up straight and asked 'what is it' and so i told her that iv had a crush on her ever since i was like 10. after a moment of silence she said so did i but we were kids its fine and laughed. then i told her that i still had those feelings, so she said 'oh, well your not expecting anything out of this are you? then i told her no i just wanted to tell her and that its been lingering in my mind for a while. i also said to her 'don't get weird with me now, your still my cousin, i still love and care about you, not just because your my cousin but also because of who you are'. she said 'yea thats fine, i still love you too'. so after this conversation i had with her i was expecting her to get weird around me but thats not the case. i almost feel like she wants to see me more often now? or i dunno, but we defiantly see each other more often and lately she keeps talking about how she's going to be single for ever, be a cat lady and so on. like almost every time I'm with her we talk about how she and i are single. i mean we used to talk about our single life and so on but we are talk about it even more now. I'm not saying we don't talk about other things but the relationship topic has increased and i feel like it might be a sign? so my question is what should i do? just keep it the way it is and hope she says something i want to hear? or is it over, forget about her? any advice will be much appreciated. even if you can share a story similar that would also help. thanks
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