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  1. minime

    Help, i think im in love with my cousin

    Sorry but cousin or not it seems he used you for sex. He's told you he only loves his gf and I think you should listen. Too often this site gets bogged down in the whole cousin thing instead of just looking at you two as regular people. (No offense Hawk)
  2. Did you two get caught together? Sounds like it was a one-off. Will probably just be another family legend.
  3. If your kids are with him of course you'll see him, right? I'm in the minority here but I don't see anything wrong with keeping things discreet if you don't want to upset family.
  4. minime

    35+ years and going strong!

    I do think that most cousin relationships happen outside of a normal relationship--whether it's in addition to or just on the down low. I'm not advocating cheating on a spouse but I (and mine) would not consider it cheating. Of course we would not tell our respective spouses--WERE WE EVER TO GET MARRIED TO ANYONE. Has it occurred to anyone that part of why neither one of us has gotten married is because we'd end up cheating? I haven't found anyone I like enough to not sleep with my cousin for. Scatterbrained? Whatever. Still waiting to hear where it was I claimed to be married. Plus--forwarding pms that are sent in an attempt to handle things like adults? Sounds like high school to me---except there were no computers when I was in high school! lol We do have a relationship of sorts--at least more of one than a lot of these crushes are.
  5. minime

    new relationship

    An honest person!! He's not a prize and neither am I--we just love each other unconditionally. I didn't come here looking for validation--it's been 35 years--I don't need it. Just thought I could give a different perspective.
  6. minime

    35+ years and going strong!

    You are really into that married thing aren't you? Was never married. Neither was he. Would not consider it cheating if either one of us was in a LTR.
  7. minime

    35+ years and going strong!

    I didn't pick this forum to raise eyebrows. I thought I found a place where my 'major secret' of my life could be shared. What he has done for me, for my self-esteem, is beyond belief. Just looking for friends. Not to offend anyone.
  8. minime

    35+ years and going strong!

    What's wrong with cheating on a spouse with a cousin? Most couples have that 'list' of people that don't really count as cheating. I've made it work for 35 years. I hope some people can learn from what I have to offer.
  9. minime

    35+ years and going strong!

    I'm an atheist--God's laws don't enter it at all. It is a crime to be with your first cousin in most states. I've gone about things differently than others. I think my opinion should be welcome. I'm sure there are very few cousin relationships that have lasted over 35 years here. I think I have a lot to offer and hope your not approving of my posts doesn't mean I'm not welcome.
  10. minime

    35+ years and going strong!

    I'd also like to state for the record that if either one of us marries we would not consider it cheating to be with each other. Sleeping with cousins is wrong and we all deal with it in our different ways. It probably is the best way to deal with cousin love and I'm sorry you find it offensive.
  11. minime

    new relationship

    I seem to have ruffled a bunch of feathers. Anyone here have a relationship with their cousin that's lasted over 35 years?
  12. minime

    35+ years and going strong!

    I apologize! I think that in the event one of us gets married we won't let that stop us is no reason to judge us. I don't think sleeping with a cousin would constitute cheating on either one of our parts but we've never been in that position. Perhaps because we like each other more than others!
  13. minime

    how to tell your mom

    My cousin has 5 kids by 5 different women and he's done time for selling cocaine. He's nobody's prize. Being a cousin would be low on the list as to why I shouldn't get involved with him. That's why it's our business and no one else's. It's so much easier to keep a cousin on the side I don't understand why more people aren't doing it.
  14. minime

    35+ years and going strong!

    Neither one of us has ever been married. I'm past menopause so sex would be more of a gift for him than a necessity for me. :cheesy:
  15. minime

    35+ years and going strong!

    Thanks Romalee. He gets my unconditional love but not my romantic love. Does that make sense? My gram raised him so I believe in his love but I also know he treats his women like shit so I like being on the sidelines. But always there!