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  1. Lovingher9497

    Love letters

    Thank you all who replied! I certainly had no intent on being stalkerish I just figured it might be a sweet gesture. I feel as though her and I have something in blooming. Have a wonderful night all!
  2. Lovingher9497

    Love letters

    Good Morning all, (0631 hrs EST) I have what I believe to be a truly wonderful Idea for my love and I, but am not sure how to approach this idea. Any assistance in this matter would be very helpful. I have the idea to write a love letter outlining how I felt when we first met, as well as all feelings up to now and surely forever. I want to remember all our firsts, as well as all of those to come. Any input would be welcome! Thank you In Advance, Lovingher9497
  3. Lovingher9497


    So, I have a random question /poll. Who has ever faced extreme adversity in being with your mate? I'm interested in stories if y'all could.
  4. Lovingher9497

    Need some advice

    Ok, so me and my cousin saby are falling/have fallen in love with each other but there is hesitation on her part because if we pursue our desire we would have to elope and abandon family. Which her and I ate both really connected with our family. But I would like to make this work. What can we do? Anything I can say to help her be at ease?
  5. Lovingher9497

    I'm in love. Like head over heels

    Good morning all, so I am deeply in love with Saby, my cousin we experimented when we were younger, as all young kids do, but us being older now we're feeling these feelings that I guess we've both been for a long time. We both just admitted it today. I'm excited but anxious because our family doesn't like that sort of thing. What do we do? Please help