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  1. Thank you. :azn: It's funny you should mention a Mopar. Because it was one of my Dodges I had in the show. We do plan to marry, I actually just told my younger sister about us last night. The rest of the family doesn't quite know yet, but one step at a time I rekon.
  2. I used to think that my feelings towards my cousin were just because I'm a perv or just odd. But after reading about GSA "genetic sexual attraction" it all started to click. Especially now reading some of the stories on this forum. It all makes a lot more sense. You need to follow your heart. Maybe it's trying to show you your soul mate.
  3. It was a beautiful fall day in 2006. When I first laid eyes on my Princess to be. I was at a car show and my annoying uncle "not her father mind you" came walking up and this gorgeous young gal was walking right behind him. I had never seen her before, but she was walking strangely close to him. He then says to me "Hey, you know your cousin Alex right?" And I was like yeah, as in I know she exists and I've seen her once when she was little" but this was not the girl I thought of. Needless to say I was taken by her beauty even though I never thought anything would come of it. After all we were cousins. Well turns out her mom moved back home to good old MN from AK because of a divorce. I then got to see this beauty a couple of times a year during holidays. In which times we would chat about this and that. We wanted to hang out, but Grandma was overbearing. Alex had just turned 15 and I was 24 at the time. Over time i had heard that she had gotten herself into a spot of trouble with drinking and dropped out of school. Never got to spend anytime with her until she was 18 and we started chatting out of the blue. She told me her mom became an alcoholic and was doing god knows what else, she had been enrolled in a school for addicts by the family and she got cleaned up. Now she was living with a different family member until she graduates in a year or so. But then she would have to find a place to stay. I started spending time with her. Watching movies playing games just good clean fun. After a while I told her she could stay with me. We have been living together for four years now. She had graduated and tried going to school for cosmetology but it wasn't for her. I have supported her through and through. Over the past few years our relationship grew into a romantic one. I couldn't be happier than I am with her. I feel as though she is my soul mate. We spend every evening together after work and almost every weekend at each other's side. We love doing everything together. Our family hasn't figured it out yet and we aren't in a rush to tell them. But if they disagree well then that's their loss. We do plan to marry and spend the rest of our lives together. I love my Alaskan Princess.
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