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  1. Thank you. :azn: It's funny you should mention a Mopar. Because it was one of my Dodges I had in the show. We do plan to marry, I actually just told my younger sister about us last night. The rest of the family doesn't quite know yet, but one step at a time I rekon.
  2. I used to think that my feelings towards my cousin were just because I'm a perv or just odd. But after reading about GSA "genetic sexual attraction" it all started to click. Especially now reading some of the stories on this forum. It all makes a lot more sense. You need to follow your heart. Maybe it's trying to show you your soul mate.
  3. It was a beautiful fall day in 2006. When I first laid eyes on my Princess to be. I was at a car show and my annoying uncle "not her father mind you" came walking up and this gorgeous young gal was walking right behind him. I had never seen her before, but she was walking strangely close to him. He then says to me "Hey, you know your cousin Alex right?" And I was like yeah, as in I know she exists and I've seen her once when she was little" but this was not the girl I thought of. Needless to say I was taken by her beauty even though I never thought anything would come of it. After all we were
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