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  1. Thank you Kylie for your great advice , your are right it does make her feel good and I don't want to take that away I'm more comfortable massaging my cousin in private as in front of others it becomes a sideshow. All my massages focus only on her legs, back and neck ..never the chest and she's always wear a dress I'll take it as a compliment as I have now come to realize she must like my style You are right in saying that avoiding her or blocking communication wouldn't really solve anything . I spoke to her today on Skype, we had a great time catching on . she is my favorite cousin and I hers .. We really enjoy each others company and I don't want to jeopardize that ..
  2. Thank you for you advice gratefully appreciated I know it will be tough thing to do as my cousin is a very determine individual I've already refused to massage her in front of others and in public also I will not do Skype with her. I like my cousin and I need her to understand my position .. it's not as if we are young teenagers my cousin is in her late 40's and I'm in my late 50's She's a lovely human being very kind-hearted , we have been very good friends since early childhood I realize when people are lonely they do seek love and attention .. I'll always be there for her We have Never argued she has treated me at times better than some of my past girlfriends and family I'll be visiting her next year and hopefully things will change .
  3. I like my cousin but I can not explain why she's has taken a liking to me . My cousin would ask me do you love me ,I would always reply yes but I'm not in love with my cousin She's a very vibrant and sexual individual and I have no problem with that. All I can think of is she is flirting with me .. no real harm with that We both enjoy each others company we get on like a house on fire but never sexually I massage her back feet and legs nothing else and all done professionally .. During one massage I once had to pulled down her skirt as I could see her very skimpy underwear .. her response took me by surprise .."what are your going to see ? " that's when I realsed this could get out of control and slowly brought the massage to an end Once I sat beside her on the couch and my shirt wasn't button up all the way, my nipples would have been visible. I caught her gazing down my shirt and then she let out this gasp like she was having an orgasm . When I greet her I will only kiss her on her cheeks but she tries to kiss me passionately on my lips I always dress appropriately I've even started to wear long T shirts as I have seen her checking out my crotch. I do have an athletic body and I have have found going to beach increase when I visit her .. I feel I could be sending her the wrong messages .. that's assuming I'm doing something wrong
  4. My cousin is divorced and lives alone with her daughter in an apartment she is currently seeing someone One day my cousin asked me if I would massage her legs I was really uncomfortable with this it. I eventually I did massage her feet and legs as a once of , thinking that would be the end of it . She has now asked me to do it more often ,I don't want to disappoint her so I oblige. I make sure that the massage is done professional y so no one is made uncomfortable. My cousin has even asked me to massage her in front of other's which is very awkward for me. In the end I had to refuse all my cousin's requests to massage her in front of others With the excuse of a sore foot she once asked me to massage her foot in front of her mother.. we all had a good laugh after wards I was even paid a compliment ... she told me that I am good masseuse On another occasion in front of her mother she complained about a pain in her stomach and before I knew it she quickly grabbed my hand and placed it just below her belly button and just above her vagina She has also come out of the shower with just a small towel wrapped around her.and was very quickly told of by her daughter My cousin has even told her partner that I've massage her and I'm even better than he is . I really don't know why she is doing this I normally visit her and my auntie and uncle nearly every year but due to unforeseen circumstance I was unable this year. I'll be visiting her next year but I don't know what to do if she asked me to massage her..
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