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  1. He is in the process of getting divorced; they are seperated and papers are filed but it's not final yet. My daughters are 13 and 17. Thank you for all of the feedback! Really great points to consider, ponder and discuss!
  2. I have been in love with my first cousin for as long as I can remember... I am 38 now and he is 40. We have always kept our distance through the years until recently because neither one of us was ready for what has now become. I am recently divorced and he was in a very unhappy marriage. 2 months ago, we saw each other after 15 years and it was like throwing gasoline on a glowing ember! All the feelings just came out and neither one of us is holding back! We are both prepared to keep this moving forward but we do have several concerns. I have 2 teenage daughters..... How do I tell them about us? How do we know when it's time to tell family about us??
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