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  1. I just told mine Wednesday around 3 am in a pm. She still has not responded...
  2. I am actually trying to get her to find out about it anonymously, I have not opened up to her yet. I'm 27 and she is 26. I'm just unsure how she feels toward me but I want to know if it's the stigma against cousin relationships that is holding her back. And if she finds it is not something that is based off actual concerns, then maybe she would be more open with me.
  3. If someone in a successful cousin relationship that is public about it on facebook and would be willing to send my cousin a friend request so she can see it is possible. pm me pls.
  4. I was actually hoping she was also a member, about 99% sure she is not and I will probably just end up jumping off a bridge when I hear she is pregnant. #LittleHopeLeft, #DreamsDie I have pm her on facebook for her phone number, and another time saying I missed her. No responses.
  5. This one is a distant cousin so I only see her during family vacations about once or twice a year. My family is quite large and may do separate things so I always try to get in with the group she is in. Mostly I try to find out if she likes me, I get mixed signals. I'm not very social. When I catch her looking at me I usually look away as she also does. I asked for her phone number over facebook last year and received no response. More recently I did not get to see her at the end of the last vacation so I sent her another pm on facebook and also no response. I also created another facebook account many years ago and friended her, she did not know it was me, was just a crush back then. Ended up just creeping her out and she unfriended me. Then I found out information on cousin relations and this site, posted an article on some facts about cousin genes on the alternate account and sent her a message basically saying sorry for creeping her out (6 years later from when I creeped her out), hoping she will look at the profile and see the information on cousin genes. Basically when I see her I try to be with her and virtually I'm trying to get her to know that I'm into her without directly telling her since I'm unsure if she is into me. Trying to get the truth about cousin couple to her without it coming from me because I think that may be why she is not going for it. Been going on since 2007.
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